“Sex at 90?” Sandra Milo’s confession arrives

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Talented actress, Federico Fellini’s muse, often over the top character Sandra Milo is still riding the wave of success. Just 89 years old, the protagonist of Those good girls, and star of numerous blockbuster films of the 1950s and 1960s Sandra Milo has also made headlines for her lively private life. She is an open-minded woman, focused on her well-being and who has made her choices only with her head: a mood that is definitely beyond the time in which she lived.


Sandra Milo: “Sex without love doesn’t interest me”

Today the actress gave an interesting interview to the Corriere della Sera to whom he revealed how he lives sex today than at 90 years old. Sandra Milo seems to have very clear ideas, his age is only indicative and does not affect his current choices. However Milo claims she doesn’t have sex as she doesn’t have time: “No, not now. Sex without love doesn’t really interest me. Love needs care and I don’t want second hand love. Besides, I don’t have much time to practice it ”.

Today the iconic artist is mainly focused on contemporary events, she is very worried about the ongoing war and cannot be distracted by anything else: “This new ongoing war is a terrible and stupid male game: I take this away from you and then I take this one away from you. But what’s the point? I am a mother, I am a woman, I am used to trying to create the well-being of my family. ” Sandra Milo’s words also reflect the thinking of many ordinary people.

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Sandra Milo: “Fellini? It was a beautiful love “

Sandra Milo loved a lot in her life. She has been a very courted woman, but often her name it has been linked to that of Federico Fellini with whom he had a clandestine affair. The actress still perceives her feelings for the well-known director, it was a true love that brought her many advantages but also as many disadvantages:


“I loved and I love Federico infinitely, for me it is as if he was still there. It is inside of me. It was such a beautiful, great, infinite, funny love, without the things of pain, jealousy, violence. Here, I still have many reservations about my love with Federico.

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