Maria De Filippi, fired by the editorial staff of UeD | The former tronista replies: “I was sick”

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It seems that there is bad blood between Maria De Filippi and a member of her staff, who accuses her of not having kept her promises. And she tries to tell what happened on social media.

We are all used to seeing Maria De Filippi for years to conduct the dating show of Canale 5 Men and women; always calm in her manner and appearance, never over the top, the woman is one of the pillars of the canal.

Maria De Filippi-Solospettacolo

Not only Men and women in fact, but many other programs see Queen Mary, as she is called, at the conduction or among the ranks of the authors. A few examples? You’ve Got Mail And Temptation Island, just to name the most famous. But behind the presenter there is also a large and numerous staff, and it seems that one of the members has been fired and wants to clarify things.

Dismissal or resignation?

Some time ago a girl arrived on the program who later found love; Teresa Ciliatronista back in 2014, goes hand in hand with what has become his husband, Salvatore Di Carlo. The girl, back from a bad illness, joined the staff of the program for some time. Until De Filippi, during a recording, accuses someone of having resigned for not having received a raise and to gossip about the editorial staff he was a part of.

Everyone thinks of Teresa, and many ask her for an explanation on her profile, until she decides to answer and provide some: “I never refuse a job and I accept everything. In my life I have done everything from menial jobs to the most beautiful. Living in Milan and Rome, life was more expensive. Being Sicilian, the standard of living here is very different. My husband at the time could not find a job and I found myself in Rome working alone. I do not hide the fact that I found myself in a lot of difficulty. In Rome you pay for everything, even the parking. You have to work in two to live well. Let’s leave it alone then the promises they made to me and didn’t keep“.

But despite the veiled accusation, Cilia underlines: “The motivation that prompted me to leave this job – in addition to the economic difficulties – was a health problem. I had a checkup 20 days before I got married and it turned out that the disease had returned.[…] So I had to leave ”.

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End of a love

In addition to having to leave her job, Teresa, as she recounted during this period, also found herself facing the end of his marriage. After the persistent rumors that saw the couple in crisis, he decided to have his say, even if the reasons for the breakup are not yet known: “The only thing I have to say, then maybe we will deal with the discussion later, that a person does not necessarily have to cry on himself when he is sick. I was terrible, but then you get to bottom out and when you hit rock bottom you still have to cling to something ”.

Teresa Cilia-Solospettacolo

Then she posted a beautiful image that portrays her, now a woman, accompanied by the caption: I’ll tell you a story…. In the end, she makes it! “

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