Romina Power is back in Cellino San Marco. The photo from Albano leaves no more doubts

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Romina Power has returned to Cellino San Marco in the Albano estate: the news made nostalgic fans rejoice, who still dream of seeing the protagonists of the most followed love story in Italy, together again.

Many years have passed since the divorce of Albano and Romina Power yet these two names together still ring out as a hymn to complicity, music and love. The reason dates back to the seventies, when the two very young, began to appear in all the gossip newspapers to tell their love story and to make Italians dream.

The ingredients for a novel, in the vote of Albano and Romina Power they are all there: there is the American girl daughter of two Hollywood actors who arrives in Italy, then there is the country boy from the South which is at the beginning of his success as a singer. And then there is the music, which has united and accompanied them for many years on tour around the world, but with a solid and common base, where to take refuge, to represent his solid roots, his lands, his estate in Cellino San Marco in Puglia.

The separation and disappearance of Ylenia

The House of Cellino San Marco it has always been the home of Romina Power and his children. Then he arrived divorcewhich arrived shortly after the tragedy, which struck the Carrisi family, due to the mysterious disappearance of their first child Ylenia. The rest is history.

Albano and Romina Power have been through a lot and after a period of detachment, during which Albano has rebuilt a family with his partner Loredana Lecciso and with whom he had two other children, they found a balance and reunited. But only professionally. That’s why find again Romina Power again in Cellino San Marco it is something that does not go unnoticed.


Romina Power in Cellino San Marco

The singer actually had already been there in March 2020 where he spent the quarantine due to the lockdown. A few weeks ago through one of her stories she announced that she was back, but for a very specific reason.

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You sing it with your son Yari Carrisi, he did know to be back to participate in a Yoga retreat, organized by the center D’vine Yoga which was held right in the property of Albano, attended by both her and her son Yari Carrisi. It is no mystery that Romina is particularly attracted to spirituality and meditationjust like his second son.

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