Simona Ventura, the phone call that no one should ever receive: the heartbreaking confession

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Simona Ventura released a heartbreaking confession, here’s what she said and what a drama she experienced.

Simona Venturalately, has been a guest of Today is another daywith Paola Perego with which it leads Intercom Rai 2.

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But what confession did he share? Here are all the details.

Simona Ventura and the near-miss tragedy

Simona Ventura has been active in the entertainment world since the 1980s. In 1988, she was a valet Tomorrow Newlyweds and, later, it was sent for Galagol. In the mid-nineties, she moved to Mediaset where her talent exploded. Here she distinguished herself at the management of Never say goals, Seriously and Le iene. She has also been at the helm of three editions of Freshmen. In 2000 she participated in the reality show, My dear friends.

The following year is back in Rai, where he held the reins of Quelli che… il calcio, for 10 years. In 2003, she instead she landed in The Island of the Famous, survival show, of which she has been at the helm for 8 years. In 20o5 she dealt with Music Farmwhile two years later he conducted The Brains. As for the last few times, in 2018 she was entrusted with the first edition of Temptation Island Vipwhile from last year, with Paola Peregopresents Intercom Rai 2 which will start again on 25 September.


On the private side, after the end of the marriage with Stefano Bettarini, with whom she had two children: Niccolò and Giacomo, is now together with Giovanni Terzi. with which he found serenity. She has three children. In 2014 she adopted Catherine who had already been with her since she was a few weeks old. But what phone call did you get? What exactly happened?

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It had been destiny for her

Some time ago Simona Venturaon Instagram, he had remembered a dramatic moment in his lifethat is, when the eldest son Niccolò, son of Stefano Bettarini, had been stabbed in the area of ​​the Triennale and Old Fashion, a Milanese nightclub. “These are the phone calls that a mother should never receive “ the host confessed.

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She was on her way and, of course, she immediately rushed to the injured boy. The presenter had added that according to her, her son, reached by 11 stab woundshe had survived by the strength of his 19 years because God had put a hand on his head. In her opinion, fate had been generous with Niccolò and she could not say what her emotions were about it, he could only say thank you.

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