The Rise of Beatrice of York: Now that Charles is king, he has a new (important) assignment

The Rise of Beatrice of York: Now that Charles is king, he has a new (important) assignment
The Rise of Beatrice of York: Now that Charles is king, he has a new (important) assignment
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With the death of Queen Elizabeth, the roles of the royal family have undergone many changes. In particular, the eldest son of the sovereign, the prince Charles, he automatically became king. But other Windsors have taken on a new title following the change in the line of succession. Camillanow the wife of a sovereign, is queen consort (by the will of Elizabeth II). While William And Kate Middleton received from Carlo the titles of princes of Wales. Another substantial change concerns Beatrice of Yorkthat got a very important new position: she became Counselor of State. The eldest daughter of Andrea of ​​York and Sarah Ferguson it is not a working-royal, that is, an active member of the royal family. But after the death of grandmother Elizabeth II is ascent in the line of succession to the throne. It is now in ninth place, after William, George, Charlotte, Louis, Harry, Archie, Lilibet and Prince Andrew. By law, the Councilors of State include the wife of the sovereign and subsequent ones four people in the line of succession who are over 21 years old. According to these criteria, Beatrice of York is the last of the group after Camilla, William, Harry and Andrea. Her and she is meant to hold the post until Prince George is 21, that is, until 2034.

For Beatrice, this is a big change. The princess has lived so far a life far from court obligationssplitting between her work commitments that have nothing to do with the Crown (she is vice president of the software company Afiniti) and her beautiful extended family: by her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in September 2021 she had a baby girl, Sienna Elizabeth. And then there is the little one Wolfie, born of a previous relationship of her husband. Now new responsibilities await her. Because that of the Councilor of State – authorized a replace the ruler of England in most of his official functions – is anything but a formal assignment. This is also demonstrated by the fact that in the past there are those who have asked that Harry and Andrea be removed from the quintet of Counsellors of State. The first because now since 2020 lives in States with his wife Meghan Markle and children Archie Lilibet Diana and, net of the attacks on the royal family, he would still not be able to carry out his duties; the second cause Epstein scandal for which he had already been deprived by the mother queen of military titles and honors. The Royal House, however, did not heed the protests. Who knows if things will change now that Carlo is on the throne. They have certainly changed for Beatrice, who has just earned the title of Counselor of State.

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