“You’re lying about everything!”, Aurora Ramazzotti sets the web on fire for this PHOTO

“You’re lying about everything!”, Aurora Ramazzotti sets the web on fire for this PHOTO
“You’re lying about everything!”, Aurora Ramazzotti sets the web on fire for this PHOTO
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The rumors about a presumed but very probable pregnancy for Aurora Ramazzotti do not subside. His latest photo on social media would leave no doubt.

Alfonso Signorini, in one of his latest interviews it was very clear: Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant. The young woman, together with her parents and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza, would be very angry at the premature spread of the news. She wanted to do it on time and in the right way, she uses her and not gossip sites and newspapers. Unfortunately this did not happen and we will have to adapt to the situation and not insist, always obtaining a stalemate.

For her part and the people close to her, no official status has arrived and the profile and the images stolen by the photographers are a real mine from which to draw the proof, the final one that would finally make the hypotheses come true. Apparently we will have to wait or resign ourselves to the idea was all a hoax, but rarely Who and its director miss one. In the meantime, the young woman is currently in the storm because of the last shot posted on her Instagram: that’s why and what generated the comments to the poison of her fans.

Aurora Ramazzotti, poison fan on social media: “What have you done? Unwatchable!”

The photo in question was probably taken in Sardinia, when the young woman accompanied her mother to spend the holidays together and meet her new partner, now widely archived Giovanni Angiolini. The background is that of a blue sea and Aurora Ramazzotti poses on the surface of a boat with her hair blowing in the wind. The image actually has a promotional purpose, that is to launch a new line of hair products sponsored by Aurora Ramazzotti. The braided pink bikini perfectly matches the shampoo, mask and conditioner packs, thus creating a very striking combination within the shot.

So what will have made the girl’s followers turn up their noses? It is not clear if her was a choice made to cover a possible tummy, or simply to see herself better. The fact is that the point of her life is considerably restricted with the help of a special app, followers hypothesize that it may be photoshop. Observing well every part of the body of Michelle Hunziker’s daughter, her arms, positioned on the sides of her belly, appear widely ‘altered’ and almost enlarged and wide in a very unnatural way. Failed attempt that testifies to a choice made for a series of reasons that whatever they are, they do not deserve to be omitted in such a way by a photographic retouching.

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