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According to some rumors, Meghan Markle would have recorded the conversations with her sister-in-law. Here are the photos that reveal it.

Meghan records-

“What’s the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What could be the secret
What’s the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What could there be? ”.
With these words, inserted into the passage In a healthy bodythe Serbian singer, Konstrakta performed on the stage of theEurovision Song Contest 2022.

But Meghan Markle it could indeed have a secret that has been discovered by some subjects and some English tabloids and the news is going around the world and soon it could be a problem for the royal family.

Meghan Markle and the unexpected gesture

As many know, Harry And Meghan live overseas e King Charles III in his first official speech he wanted to give them the wish to be well but his words for many seemed like an invitation to stay where they are and not interfere with the life of Buckingham Palace.

Meghan Markle –

It would also seem, according to some rumors that the new sovereign would have asked his second son not to take his wife with him at the first farewell to the Queen Elizabeth II in the Balmoral Castle as it would not be welcome.

In recent days, however, the woman has shown herself in the company of her husband and his brothers-in-law Prince of Wales William and his wife there Princess of Wales Kate Middleton after two years that they were apart and seemed to be happy and harmonious with each other again.

Meghan Markle records the conversations at the Palace
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

While Harry And Meghan they held hands, as they are no longer part of the royal family and are not subject to the strict protocol, William And Kate instead they had to follow him as he future heir to the throne of United Kingdom and her future queen consort.

But what appeared to be a rapprochement of the two brothers, according to some rumors coming from the palace was only appearance and it seems that the two couples once out of the sight of their subjects were very cold to each other.

The news that is making the rounds of all the newspapers in the world

Furthermore, in the last few hours the news is becoming more and more insistent that King Charles III would change a rule of Buckingham Palace regarding the treatment of Royal Highness. Until a few days ago the children of the son of King they could have this gratitude but it looks like new Sovereign of the United Kingdom has decided that this is not the case for everyone, deciding to streamline the royal family.

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The children of Harry And Meghan, Archie And Lilibet while the same Queen Elizabeth II had given this title to Charlotte And Louis, son of William And Kate even if they were not direct heirs to the throne as they were not firstborn.

This decision by the King it would have infuriated Harry who seems to have had a strong discussion with his father, but these news are to be taken with pliers as reported only by rumors.

Instead, what is causing discussion is a bulge in the dress of Meghan Markle during the visit to Windsor to greet the subjects who paid homage to the Queen Elizabeth II.

On the web, in fact, some photos that portray are making the rounds Meghan with the black dress worn for mourning that seems to hide under her dress something square that many have thought could be a tape recorder.

Meghan Markle records the conversations at the Palace
Meghan Markle –

In fact, many newspapers are claiming that the former actress would have recorded some conversations with Kate Middleton and other members of the royal palace to be able to use them in his documentary Netflix.

If true, more secrets about the royal family may come out as well as reveal the true relationships she and her husband have with the family. Windsor.

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