Diletta Leotta, exaggerated tank top in sweet company

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Really crazy look for a job opportunity: Diletta Leotta collects almost 1500 comments and the reason is very clear in the photo.

Yet another call from the fashion world. Everything transforms into a very powerful shot, which reaches the community and, as often happens, turns into an avalanche of comments.

Diletta Leotta (Instagram)

When it comes to Diletta Leotta two concepts are now clear to make the difference. The first is in its charm that has made it an icon of beauty in Italy. The second is in that social following that gave her unexpected numbers at least at the start of her career, and that makes her the most followed Italian sports woman on Instagram. The reason is always clear. Just scroll through the photos of her and try to choose the most overwhelming one. Not an easy task, both for the frequency with which the photos arrive, and for a charm that makes every post flawless.

Diletta Leotta then fed social media a new snapshot for a working collaboration. The result? We give the numbers, with comments that reach 1500. The rest is entrusted to you and we limit ourselves to showing you the photograph. The wow effect is guaranteed, we can bet on this, because the famous face of Dazn has again left everyone speechless.

Diletta Leotta is magnetic: a dream shot in company

Diletta Leotta (Instagram)

When it comes to beauty and primates one cannot help but mention Diletta Leotta. The presenter of Dazn took very little time to break through the hearts of sportsmen first and then of the Italians, conquered by the sensational charm of the splendid Sicilian. Her passion has therefore turned into work, and between conducting and appearances on the sidelines at every appearance on TV or at the stadium she is always delirious.


The big fashion brands and the world of television, however, did not take long to notice its beauty and above all of that following. With 8 million and 300 thousand followers that are always waiting for a new content, the visibility of the products of those brands that choose it as testimonial is guaranteed, but also the result. Smiles, an overwhelming body, explosive forms that make her one of the most loved women by Italians are now clear.

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Then comes a new shot, and the result is always the same. Avalanche comments, catchy phrases, likes that cannot be counted. Leotta is shown sitting with a very short shorts and a top that makes you dream. He does it together with his beloved dog, who even has a social profile with almost 2 thousand followers. Instagram effect one would say, but the real surprise of her is given again by her with a photo that deserves to be reviewed and that testifies, as always, the beauty of an enchanting woman.

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