One Tree Hill, the truth that could have changed the fortunes of the series

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Teen drama par excellence, there could be an unexpected backstory that changed the fortunes of One Tree Hill.

Beloved series from the early 2000s, One Tree Hill was the teen drama par excellence: however, there is a background that may have changed his fate.

One Tree Hill, the truth that could have changed the fate of the series (taken from Ansa) –

Now gone for more than a decade, One Tree Hill made us company for almost ten years with its events and above all its cast to which we could not help but become attached. Focused on the lives of two step brothers, united by the same father, who learn to be friends and look at the shoulders, there is something that not everyone knows. It is impossible, in fact, not to mention the numerous and epics stories love that were born in this series. However, there is something that you may not know and that may have changed the fate of the the final.

Did you know that there is a little backstory to One Tree Hill that could have greatly affected the script choices? Let’s find out

One Tree Hill, the truth that could have changed the fate of the series (taken from Ansa) –

At the center of the events of One Tree Hill, able to entertain us for years and keep us in suspense, there was one of the main and most famous love triangles of those years. Let’s talk about what he saw as the protagonist Lucas, undecided between two best friends: that is the beautiful and sensual Brooke, and melancholy is introverted Peyton.

Now, as you almost all know by now, at the end of the sixth season we are witnessing the marriage between Lucas and Peyton after six years of indecision. The story with Brooke is archived to a simple one high school question, and the couple prepares to live their life away from One Tree Hill. Many, however, did not say happy, believing that the best choice had to be Brooke.

Well, what not many people know is that the authors of One Tree Hill at some point in the series really thought about turning the tide of the series. Lucas, in fact, should have ended with Brooke and not with Peyton, also given the undeniable chemistry which united the two actors. But what made them change their minds?

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What led to this upheaval in the plot of One Tree Hill were, specifically, the events out from the set. At the turn of the two-thousand and three, indeed, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray (aka Brooke and Lucas) started dating. From the beginning their chemistry was also reflected in their characters, and this led the authors to shuffle the cards on the table.

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What united the two actors from One Tree Hill was a love sudden, passionate and especially intense. So much so that in the 2004 comes the engagement is in the 2005 the marriage. However, the two divorce within a few months and between them a crack is created that is impossible to heal. Of course, over the years they have learned to work together and put aside personal matters, but this could not help but also reflect on their characters.


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