Did he “weigh” the girls before going out?

Did he “weigh” the girls before going out?
Did he “weigh” the girls before going out?
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The adventure of Daniele Dal Moro at Big Brother Vip 7 already opens with a heavy controversy. The former tronista of Men and Women has been announced among the competitors of the next edition of the reality show, but a controversial episode from his past has sprung up, when he “weighed” the girls before taking them outside …

Daniele Dal Moro will be one of competitors of the next edition of Big Brother Vip. L’former tronista from Men and women is ready to re-enter the house that has already welcomed him in 2016, when Barbara D’Urso was running it and when he won Martina Nasoni, with whom he also had a tormented love affair.

His adventure at the GF Vip has already started between controversy. From the past of Daniele Dal Moro a very controversial episode has arisen, which obviously on the web they immediately pulled out: during his journey a Men and womenthe former tronista had done weigh on a scale her suitors before taking them outdoors. A decidedly inelegant gesture, but about which Daniele wanted to give some explanations …

GF Vip 7: Daniele Dal Moro defends himself

With a long post on Instagram, Daniele Dal Moro wanted to explain how the idea of weigh girls, trying to distance himself from all the accusations that have been leveled against him in the last few hours:

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When I was a tronista a Men and women I didn’t weigh those girls because (as many single-celled people assume) I was interested in their body weight. And this I thought (wrongly) was clear to even the most stupid of human beings. But why they made me a proposal (because just to remind you of it in a television program, it is not Daniele Dal Moro who decides what to do).

In short, with very bright and decidedly annoyed tones, Daniele Dal Moro he explained that that idea was born from the editorial staff of Men and women and, although it turned out to be a gaffe on the whole, it was not his absolute responsibility:


Clearly the problem could pass a wrong message we knew it was there, but we wanted (always wrongly) to take risks. Basically he thought NO that my figure associated with this theme could benefit the cause in a positive way, and in the end I will tell you that I was convinced too.

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The final lunge, where Daniele Dal Moro he completely lost his temper, it was a request to put a stone on all this:

I just think I can afford to say … I basically I do not want anything. I just don’t fuck the fuck up with this story anymore because I’ve already read enough crap!

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