Queen Elizabeth, the last setback to the royal family after death: distraught heirs

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Before Queen Elizabeth’s burial, an unexpected secret emerges. The Queen makes the last trip to the heirs, they will never know.

There Queen Elizabeth II he left an unbridgeable void with his disappearance. At the age of 96 the monarch with colorful suits and a mocking smile died on 8 September 2022, when the official announcement was released directly from Buckingham Palace. While King Charles took his place, the family tussle continues to talk.

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Between quarrels and momentary peace, brothers Harry and William have gathered side by side with their respective wives, dressed in black, to greet the crowds and mourn their beloved grandmother, beyond the disputes. They snap quickly, however, the inheritance disputes that are already being discussed. It seems, in fact, that of the assets of 490 million euros, not even a penny will go to Meghan and Harry. The Queen, shortly before her death, last August, would have changed her last wishes completely excluding the grandson and his successors Archie and Lilibet from any benefit.

Waiting for the funeral that will take place next Monday 19 September in Westminster Abbeythe three growspidation on another very hot topic: the jewels of Queen Elizabeth. In her 70-year reign, the monarch showed off dream jewelry, ranging from tiaras to brooches, necklaces and diamonds. One of these, however, hides a particular secret.


Queen Elizabeth, after her death yet another header: the family killed

A few hours after the burial of Elizabeth II, rumors circulate on the jewels she will wear for her last eternal journey. According to what was revealed by the head of communications of the Natural Diamond Council, Lisa Levinsonthe Queen will be buried wearing a few and fundamental jewels.

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In particular, it seems that the Queen will wear “The simple Welsh gold wedding band and a pair of pearl earrings“, As the expert said. After the prophecy came true at his deatha curious mystery reopens on another very important ring that is part of the monarch’s life, which however will not be worn at the time of her burial. This is the engagement ring given to her by Filippoa jewel resulting from a sort of “recycling”.

The ring, in fact, it contained diamonds belonging to a Battenberg Alice tiara, mother of the prince consort. This, however, apparently, was assigned as an inheritance to the daughter of Elizabeth and sister of Charles, Princess Anna. The romantic legend has it that, in 1947, Filippo didn’t have enough money to have a ring made, so he decided to have pieces disassembled from that of his mother. An even more romantic secret hovers, however, still on the ring. It seems, in fact, that inside it has been engraved a message that the prince addressed to herremained a mystery that only the couple and the goldsmith (certainly no longer alive) knew.

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