“Thanks to all of you”, Alberto Matano: the last greeting moves the audience

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Alberto Matano tearful, the conductor’s last farewell breaks the hearts of the audience: everyone will miss him, there are no doubts about it. How sad.

Alberto Matano – BedQuotidiano.it

The conductor of “La Vita in Diretta” thrills viewers. The farewell greeting is moving. Alberto Matano brings tears to the eyes and heart.

Alberto Matano thrills everyone

Very popular and very successful conductor, Alberto Matano he is one of the most popular and popular faces of viewers. Thanks to his seriousness and professionalism, combined with a subtle humor and a lot of sympathythe journalist is among the most popular presenters by Italiansthe one who for years with his broadcasts keeps company with the public who cannot renounce his presence.

Alberto Matano – BedQuotidiano.it

It has been running for quite some time now, Alberto Matanoof the format “Live Life” and during the last episode something happened that left everyone speechless, thrilled.

The last farewell arrives, that of farewell: everyone will miss it. Viewers are heartbroken. Alberto Matano’s words brought tears to Italy. Let’s find out what happened together.

The conductor’s last farewell breaks my heart

Alberto Matano is heartbroken, his words and his last farewell make your heart tighten. In the last episode of “Live Life”, the former TG half-length takes leave of Queen Elizabeth. These are special days for Italy and for the world.

Queen Elizabeth
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On September 8, 2022, the longest-lived sovereign in history left earthly life and died at 96 years of age at his castle in Balmoral, Scotland. Although a few days have already passed since his departure, all eyes are on the Royal Family, the English monarchy and its heirs.

The disappearance of Queen Elizabeth has marked the whole world, Italy and even journalists that over the years they have made many services on her and Alberto Matano knows it well, who on several occasions has dedicated space, in his programs, to the events related to the unforgettable Elizabeth II.

The conductor’s thanks excites the social networks

In the last episode of “La Vita in Diretta”, Matano opened the broadcast with services dedicated to Queen Elizabeth and broadcasting images concerning the sovereign, his coffin which was transported to London eland long lines of subjects from all over the world who came to England to give her their last farewell.

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Alberto Matano – BedQuotidiano.it

Matano also hosted his colleague, Serena Bortone. The presenter of “Today is another day” also commented on the sad story. You will remember that just the presenter was among the first to talk about the health conditions of Queen Elizabeth that on 8 September began to circulate dramatically on social media and in the corridors of newsrooms around the world.

Here are the words of Bortone:

“We lived this story together live. We have had the signal of the passage of history. For seventy years the queen was an icon of a woman in power who also knew how to be very well in power. Elizabeth II will remain forever in our imagination “

Alberto Matano he wanted to thankclosing the space reserved for the sovereign, all his guests but also and above all the viewers for the affection they are showing. Thanks also to the audience, “La Vita in Diretta” ended the day before yesterday, with very high audience figures: over one million and 800.0000 spectators against one million and 400.000 viewers of Afternoon 5:

“Thank you all”.

This is the heartfelt thanks of the conductor who, with a few simple words, wanted to pay homage to his faithful audience.

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