“Goodbye, little girl”, memorable tragedy in Buckingham: Kate Middleton distraught

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A shocking episode comes out in recent weeks, precisely in those of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on 8 September. A fact that dates back to many years ago and which concerns Lady Diana, Kate Middleton’s mother-in-law who suddenly discovered this unprecedented tragedy. Here’s what happened.

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Lady Diana was an emblematic character in the Royal Family: beautiful, elegant, kind, loving and extremely empathetic, but also a woman with a very tormented soul.

His untimely death shocked his children, William and Harry, but also her ex-husband Carlo and the whole Royal family back in 1997. Now, after years, new rumors are coming out about her, episodes that involved her and that no one knew until now. In particular, we speak of a very painful loss that the Princess witnessed. Here’s what it is.

Kate Middleton, goodbye to the child: the terrifying background after years

Lady Diana, mother of the heir to the throne of England William and the much discussed Prince Harry, died on August 31, 1997, in a fatal accident in Paris. A day that is not easily forgotten, given the tragedy that struck the Royal Family but also all the subjects who adored it.

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Not everyone knows that Diana had a great friend at the time, Rose Monckton who is now 66 years old, who has given several interviews in recent years, speaking of her dear friend describing her as a fragile and vulnerable woman: “She was not a saint, but she was fragile and vulnerable”.

Also, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Rose remembers well the period before Diana’s death, revealing that she had noticed a change in her friend: “Diana went from being very worried about everyday matters, just like any normal friend, to suddenly becoming obsessed with plots against her.“.

As reported the German weekly Freizeit Blitz, Rose was very attached to Lady Diana so much so that together at the time they shared some really terrible moments, like the loss of Monckton’s little daughter.

German weekly cover
German weekly cover – Nanopress.it

Rose, in fact, tells of having lost a baby girl in 1994, only at the sixth month of pregnancy: “When something so traumatic happens, you don’t know what to feel. Diana was able to find the right words to console me “.


According to Rose’s account, not only did Lady Diana manage to be close to her with words of comfort and affectionbut she also “gave” to her friend a place where you can bury the little body: the garden of Kensington Palace, which is the residence where today William lives with his wife Kate and children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

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A shocking discovery for the next Queen consort of England, who we do not know how she reacted to the news, but she will surely be stunned.

How the burial took place

Rose Monckton also recounted how the events unfolded funeral for her little girl, which unfortunately has never seen the light.

Kate Middleton and Queen consort Camilla
Kate Middleton and Queen consort Camilla – Nanopress.it

Diana ordered her butlers to dig a small pit for little Natalie, as she was supposed to be called, and she secretly organized a little funeral.

His security officers knew, in fact, that the two women were burying a pet of a friend who passed away.

Rose will never forget that gesture: “He gave me a key to the garden. I will never forget the warmth and compassion you showed me that day ”.

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