the secret son of Charles and Camilla claims the throne, William trembles in front of the DNA test

the secret son of Charles and Camilla claims the throne, William trembles in front of the DNA test
the secret son of Charles and Camilla claims the throne, William trembles in front of the DNA test
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The British Crown and the whole Royal Family trembles, especially William and his wife Kate. Check out the secret son of King Charles III and Camilla who could completely reshuffle the cards on the table.

These are days when the spotlight around the world is on England and the plan ‘London Bridge’, or what will happen after Queen Elizabeth’s death. The ruler of steel left many question marks and the proclamation of her son was not enough to appease a nation and the whole world. Since that moment, a chain reaction has started that once again asks what is the atmosphere at the court and what will happen now that those who kept all the balances steady, unfortunately, are no longer there.

Eyes on the new king, who after 70 years suddenly found himself having to take over the reins of a country now accustomed to the figure of the austere and inflexible mother. His first moments as a sovereign have already somehow turned up their noses, due to the abysmal difference with the ways of Queen Elizabeth. Many expected him to abdicate in favor of his son, Prince William next to ascend the throne according to the line of succession. Precisely this point seems to waver in these hours when a figure emerges from nowhere and claims rights and privileges: this is what is happening.

Royal Family, Charles and Camilla’s secret son could be the next king

In these hours, the figure of the secret son conceived by Carlo and Camilla is increasingly overbearing on social media and in the main gossip sites. His name is Simon Charles Dorante-Day and he is a 56-year-old engineer. For years he has been carrying on his battle on Facebook clamoring for the DNA test. The man is so sure of this truth, that on his profiles he already calls himself ‘Prince’ and his main objective would be to steal William’s place and be the next in line of succession to the British throne.

The British tabloids claim that Simon was conceived at the beginning of the love story between the king and his sovereign consort and at the behest of the Queen, he was immediately given up for adoption. The woman apparently was very frightened by the idea that she could leak such news. The engineer, however, does not give up and continues to support this thesis. On her social profile, he also showed condolences for Queen Elizabeth’s death, addressing her as ‘grandmother’ and the British media began to place images of her alongside those of the king and her mother to prove the actual similarity present.

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