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Elettra Lamborghini, have you ever seen her sister? The PHOTO in a bikini

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Elettra Lamborghini is a very famous Italian singer: but did you know that she is not the only woman of the well-known family? You may not know her sister Ginevra

Elettra Lamborghini (instagram)

A complex family but beloved by Italians. Elettra Lamborghini, over the years, it has become more and more famous. And no, not for being “daughter of”, but for her music. Indeed, the famous heiress, she has decided to take a different path and become a singer.

Elettra Lamborghini: the incredible resemblance to her sister Ginevra

Although she has chosen to focus only on her work and leave everything else behind, over the years Elettra has often found herself involved in some family scandals. The one best known to all is certainly the one concerning her younger sister, Ginevra.

Ginevra Lamborghini (instagram)

Over the years, Geneva has become increasingly well known in the public eye. In addition to the beauty of her that she always leaves you breathless, Elettra’s sister has always shown that she does not mince words. She never spared herself when there was a need to say something and, very often, it was she who gave life to the scandals by making public some details of their family.

The strained relationship of the two sisters

For example, how can we forget the occasion of Elettra’s wedding? Ginevra, a great absentee of the day, did not avoid showing her disappointment on her social networks, thus revealing what was happening between her and her sister. In short, the relationships are not the best, but they have one thing in common: they are two much loved members of the Lamborghini family.

Ginevra Lamborghini sister of Elettra
Ginevra Lamborghini (instagram)

In the end, Geneva also chose to pursue this career. Her singles have recently been incredibly successful. The summer one you have collected incredible numbers.

“And but let me know before opening istagram so I get ready”

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To talk about her song, Ginevra has published a photo of her in a bathing suit. The sun gently illuminates her and her shot shows all the beauty of her that, over time, she is maturing more and more.


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