Alena Seredova, the photos with her little daughter Vivienne fills the heart: cuddles and tenderness

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The Czech showgirl Alena Seredova placed on his following Official Instagram profile a photograph with his little girl, born from her current partner, which is an immediate boom of like. The two are an authentic splendor, as well as a portrait of true happiness!

Like and hearts fall like rain on a post by Alena Seredova where we see her in the company of the little girl Vivienne Charlotte. Immense heart of mother!

Alena Seredova, a beautiful mother

Alena Seredova gave birth his third daughter Vivienne Charlotte May 19, 2020. The girl is the first daughter with the entrepreneur Alessandro Nasi after the children with Buffon who are grown up today. And then she had already published her in his Official Instagram profile, personally well managed by you, a post where he announced the birth of his Princess. Now that it’s been two years the child has grown up and is more and more beautifulto. A photo in the company of his splendid and very famous mother, still beloved by the general public, is viral in no time. Boom of likes for them and pouring rain of throbbing red hearts!

Mom and daughter are the portrait of true happiness

The two appear lying on what looks like a sofa in their own home intent on playing but at the same time pampering only as a mother and daughter very much in love with each other could do. They laugh out loud and are happy. Let’s just say that they are the portrait of happiness in the highest degree!

Absolutely beautiful and the photocopy of each other, although in the little one there are also some features of the father, Alessandro Nasiwho according to many could soon become Alena’s second husband, have won in no time not only the hearts of the decidedly numerous followers, but also of the vast people of the Web in general. And how could it be otherwise? She, despite being practically no longer on TV, is anyway a character very popular with the Italian public who can’t wait to see you again at the helm of some nice show or at least a guest of some TV lounge.

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Even without make-up she is at the top

In truth the Seredova nShe hasn’t published just a photo, or rather a selfie, in the company of her creature, but a series of shots in which she had fun making funny faces and even showing herself to fans while sticking her tongue out. Completely removed, with semi-gathered hair and casual clothes, she always looked beautiful. A beautiful mom!

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