Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani, disaster on the highway: the misadventure of the ex of Men and Women

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A journey, or we could say given the season we are heading towards, a simple one picnicfor the couple born in the studies of the most famous Canale 5 dating show ever ended very badly … The story of Fabio and Isabella in the Stories...

Isabella and Fabio, the most famous couple of the Throne Over of Men and womenforced to return home very unusual …

Misadventure for Isabella and Fabio

The summer now, although we have not yet reached the fateful date, it is now over we can say given the sharp drop in temperatures and bad weather that begins to rage on our Peninsula. Despite this it is still possible for those who can and have time to take a few trips from time to time, and that’s what they opted for. Isabella Ricci and her husband Fabio Mantovani, but that – unfortunately – did not end just as they hoped. As evidence of this some videossoon uploaded to Instagram in some Stories, on her very popular profile, where they can be seen in a somewhat unusual situation… But what happened? Trip out of town with inconvenience!

Towed by the tow truck

In the various videos we can see a subjective shot from inside the car that has been towed by a tow truck. – The couple is inside it heading towards the roadside assistance office. “Here we are in a wonderful new experiencetow truck! “, is heard from Fabio’s voice, followed by Isabella who, laughing, continues: “We are towed by the tow truck, because we run out of gas!”. Fortunately, the two, who are more and more united and in love than ever, have taken it upon themselves to laugh, and not they are completely demoralized for the immense tranquility of their fans, more and more numerous.

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The adventure continued until the evening

In the following shots we move inside the car and here they see the two, him wearing a safety vestwhile she initially wore a pair of sunglasses with a classic frame and dark lenses which she then removed since the matter – so to speak – it went on for a long time! It was not for nothing that it was noticed that she was now evening! In short, for the two adventures weren’t over yet!

“It seemed over but no! Another tow truck, another ride, another gift! ”Says Fabio, since they were also forced to change equipment wagonzthe. A caption at the bottom – in fact – jokingly reads: “Will we get home?”topped with an emoticom that laughs.

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