Cristiano Iovino, who is Ilary’s new love so different from Totti

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Let’s go to the discovery of the personal trainer who – according to what transpires in the last hours – would have made Ilary Blasi lose his head. Who is? What are his interests?

In the last few hours it has caused a sensation the interview released by Francesco Totti to the ‘Corriere della Sera’. The former great footballer and former Roma captain said he was the first to discover the betrayal of Ilarynever mentioning the man’s name.

Cristiano Iovino and Ilary Blasi – Arlex (Photo: Google)

“He is a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately. It was a shock. Not only that Ilary had someone else; but that he might be interested in such a man. Yet he had it “. These were the words spoken by Tottiin reference to the ‘mysterious’ man. The gossip rumors have spread, however, the name of Cristiano Iovino. But who is he? What does he do in life? Here is all the information about him.

Cristiano Iovino: everything about Ilary Blasi’s possible lover

Totti, in his interview, remarkably remarked the clear difference between him and the alleged lover of Ilary Blasi. In fact, he admitted he was shocked by the ‘choice’ of his former partner. And Cristiano Iovino, in fact, would confirm the thesis of the former Giallorossi captain. The man has ideologies and interests completely opposite to that of the former great player.

Indeed, Cristiano Iovino it’s a personal trainer 40 years of Rome, fan of Lazio, the team bitter enemy of the Giallorossi captained for years since Francesco Totti. Moreover, even his political ideologies would be in open contrast with those of Totti. Iovinein fact, he had several fascist symbols tattooed on his sculpted physique. Another great passion of Iovine is the one for engines. On this aspect, however, the two would agree. But what truth is there about the alleged flirtation between him and Ilary? Here are his words.


The truth!

But what’s true about the alleged flirtation between Ilary Blasi And Cristiano Iovino? At the moment, nothing official. On the contrary, Iovine – reached byAdnkronos – answered in a succinct way to the words of Francesco Totti. These are his very brief statements about it: “Yes I have read, thank you but I am not really interested in talking about this”. Cristiano Iovino, he’s not new to this kind of gossip about him. In the past, in fact, his name has already circulated in the gossip newspapers. Who else would the personal trainer have flirting with?

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Cristiano Iovino, possible lover of Ilary Blasi – Arlex (Photo: Google)

In the past few years, the man would have flirted with Giulia De Lellis, but everything has never been confirmed and denied by the two. Iovine had a brief relationship with the influencer, Zoe Cristofoli and with the former tronista of Men and women, Sabrina Ghio.

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