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Singer Anna Tatangelo is back single: after numerous back and forth her love story with rapper Livio Cori has come to an end and this time the break seems definitive.

The first indiscreet rumors about the relationship between the singer Anna Tatangelo and the rapper Livio Cori began to spread in early 2021. Initially, Anna And Livio they have neither confirmed nor denied, leaving all fans on their toes. But suddenly, the two announced their relationship to the world by posting several photos on social media, where they seemed happy and very in love.

Later, however, the problems and misunderstandings began, until the situation between the two precipitated in the spring of this year, in particular in April 2022, when Livio confirmed the break with the singer, due to “irreconcilable lifestyles”, according to the rapper.

However, the summer just ended had seen a rapprochement: in fact, Anna Tatangelo And Livio Cori at the end of July they had been photographed while they were spending time together by the sea, happy and more in love than ever. Precisely for this reason, it seemed that by now they had found a balance and that their relationship was sailing in calm waters. But, less than two months later, the situation seems to have totally changed.

Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori: the love story seems officially over

Anna Tatangelo is single again: the relationship with Livio Cori ended at 18.50

Despite the love between Anna And Livio seemed to have stabilized, after the numerous pushes and pulls the definitive closure seems to have arrived. In fact, in the Pills of Gossip column of the weekly Who we read that, after a long and tiring back and forth, the relationship between the singer and the rapper seems to have come to an end again, and this time in a definitive way. So, Anna Tatangelo would be single again.

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The reasons that would have led to the end of the relationship are not known, however at the base there seem to be the usual ones misunderstandings and usual styles from life too much different. These reasonswhich were also those of the break occurred in April 2022They have them walk away another one time.

Therefore there would be no third wheel, but only the incompatibility would have caused the separation. Moreover, there seems to be no room for improvement: the causes that had led the two to break up in the spring of this year, have separated them again, and this time it seems like forever.

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