Tiberio Timperi, here’s who the host’s ex-wife is and what she does

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Not many know or have already seen the ex-wife of the splendid Rai conductor Tiberio Timperi, who has been in vogue on the Rai Flagship Networks for almost three decades. Do you know who and what the woman does and how long their marriage lasted?

The man with the ice eyesstill considered today – with good reason – an authentic sex symbol by Italian women, is Daniele’s father which was born from the love with this woman, mysterious for many, also because she is far from TV.

Tiberio Timperi, do you know who his ex-wife is?

Tiberio Timperi he is – without a shadow of a doubt – a great professional in the world of entertainment as a whole and – above all – of the Small Screen. But, despite being a long time – as they say – “on the crest of the wave” – ​​he likes to keep his mouth tightly closed about his private life which – as such – by its decision must remain.

And it is for this reason that we still know little, if not very little, of the his ex-wife.

However, it must also be said that some details have emerged that have allowed us to know who he is and what he does his ex-consort.

A flash wedding with the beautiful Orsola

Timperi is a well-known journalist and successful Rai presenter as mentioned above, in particular, among his presentations are those of Midday with the family, One morning And Live Life.


Very little is known about his private life, but it is possible to talk about what his marriage to the beautiful woman was like Orsola Adele Gazzaniga.

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The two, after having met, got engaged in 2002 until three years later the decision, in 2005, to to get married. Although they loved the their marriage was nothing short of flashas they divorced after only three months of marriage.

A father present for his Daniele

Despite the short marriage, the couple had a son, Danielewho today lives with her mother and to whom Tiberius he is very close. In addition, he devotes a lot of time to him. Man -in fact- tries to combine work with time spent with his son, which is always wonderful and absolutely precious. Daddy’s heart!

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