“It happened before the wedding” the truth emerges between Can Yaman and Demet: all out

“It happened before the wedding” the truth emerges between Can Yaman and Demet: all out
“It happened before the wedding” the truth emerges between Can Yaman and Demet: all out
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For months the love between Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koc was at the center of the gossip, the two artists have had ups and downs, but especially in some periods they have been one step away from farewell. Then on August 27th the two Turkish stars took to the altar, protagonists of an event that attracted international media attention. At the party there were many friends and colleagues of Demet, but many noticed the absence of Can Yaman.

Demet and Oguzhan and Yaman Tipiu

Demet and Oguzhan married: Can Yaman was not invited

The two former protagonists of Daydreamer, truca soap now widespread all over the world, they have remained close friends and on several occasions have publicly defended their relationship. Despite a clear and perfect affinity on the set Demet and Can have always denied di have never been a couple: theirs was a beautiful friendship. Why didn’t Yaman delight his young friend with her presence on her wedding day? According to some rumors the actor had other work commitments, while others argue that Can hasn’t even received the invitation.

However, Yaman sent his sincere wishes to the former colleague but this remained a purely private matter. Today gossip expert Alessandro Rosica revealed why Yaman was absent from Demet’s wedding. The version of Social Investigator reveals that the Turkish actor would not have been invited: Oguzhan did not like his presence and asked his future wife not to call him to participate in their joy. It is not explained why the new bridegroom is so hostile to Yaman, who accepted the former colleague’s decision to indulge her husband. However, she did not fail to send her a message of good wishes.

Demet and Oguzhan wed Tipiu

Oguzhan Koc jealous of Can Yaman? The indiscretion

Officially Oguzhan Koc has no reason to be jealous of Can Yaman. The relationship that the Turkish artist Demet has is based only on sincere affection, there would be no other ulterior motives. Moreover, Yaman has been in Italy for months for work reasons and would not have had any chance to meet the actress.


It will be on the air later this month Purple like the seafiction interpreted by Yaman alongside Francesca Chillemi e recently promoted to the exhibition of Venice Cinema 79. In short, for now the mystery has not been fully clarified.

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