Ascanio and Katia, the best announcement arrives: fans crazy with joy

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Ascanio Pacelli from Big Brother, who made him famous to the general public, arrives in the cinema, making his debut as an actor in the film “Time is still ours”, presented at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

On red carpet together with his inseparable wife, Katia Pedrottiknown inside the house of the Big Brother 4. Many years have passed since then and the couple has not only remained united and close-knit, but it has grown into a beautiful familythanks to the birth of their children: Matildaborn in Rome on 12 November 2007, e Tancredborn in Rome on February 25, 2013.

The former gieffino, great-grandson of Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII)he left behind the reality show, which basically changed his life, to dive into the world of acting.

Ascanio Pacelli, protagonist in a film

In reality it is not the first time on a film set for Ascania Pacelli, who after the experience in the Canale 5 show, he acted for television alongside Claudio Amendola. He tried to continue on this path, but as he himself told, when he showed up at the auditions, there was always someone who mortified him, finally convincing him to give up.

But life is unpredictable and Pacelli was named for a movie in which he stars. A crazy turn that somehow came thanks to that Big Brother who presented it to the whole of Italy.

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No more reality

Yet the person directly interested in SuperGuida Tv did it know today would no longer participate: “What that edition of the reality show gave me is something unrepeatable. In the house I met the woman who became my wife. I lived that experience without having any expectations ” he did know, pointing out that things with time have changed a lot, especially for today’s competitors, who participate with a specific purpose, creating expectations. And he added: “Before at Big Brother we had no contact with the outside world but we only heard Barbara D’Urso’s voice from the studio. Now they tend to want to create frictional dynamics. “

Pacelli also specified who would not participate in any other reality show even if it would turn a blind eye to Beijing Expressbecause it would be a different experience for him.

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