Meghan and the Queen: all the (heavy) backstories of the breakup

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The biggest and most painful regret of the Prince Harry will remain – according to many – that of having lost “his beloved grandmother” because of his wife Meghan Markle which induced him not only to leave the Palace but also England. And this seems to have caused great wounds in the heart of the second son of Lady D.

For Meghan Markle, the meeting with Queen Elizabeth would have been the most important audition of her life, for which she had also meticulously prepared herself. However, it seems that she never, ever got over it!

Meghan and the first meeting with Elizabeth: her most important audition

When she and Harry they first came to Buckingham Palace, Meghan she was particularly tense, since willy-nilly that for her represented the most important audition of his life. Ok, for her job specimens he had made many and many even overcome with immense success, but here his future was at stake and the stakes were very high indeed.

He, in love lost, like every loving boyfriend, reassured her gently and at the same time firmly, inviting her to be herself and Not– therefore – a play a role.

As she entered the room, it was the icebreakers his Majesty’s dogs who are usually not very nice to guests but who have decided to be good with her, crouching at his feet. And this was – undoubtedly – a big point in its favor.

But then the Queen realized that if she accepted her for the sake of her nephew she would inevitably meetthe famous requirements of a royal bride. Which? What characteristics should a woman have to even delude herself that she can become one? Being a virgin, an aristocrat, a Protestant, Anglo-Saxon and above all more than ever white.

All requirements that Meghan did not have!


In the end he had welcomed her into the family but …

But then she still decided to welcome her into the Royal Family: Harry was so sick of it that he wanted it to marry. And she, like any loving grandmother, also welcomed the woman loved by her so rebellious grandson. But then something broke: the girl was really too rebellious!

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She struggled to get along with it and certainly he will have taken it back when he was not following the label. And what did Markle do? She decided to persuade her husband to to repudiate his family of origin in some way and to get away from there. How could he forgive her such a thing?

Then, it is also true that as soon as you enter the palace for Meghan it was all new and that she herself represented a great novelty and that she had even tarnished for a certain period of time Kate Middleton with which she has never gotten along so well. But then she went too far with her rebellion and her death Philipwho liked her, her situation has worsened considerably!

It is not clear what the Queen thought of her

But what did he think when he was alive Meghan’s Queen? She never expressed herself clearly on the matter and in the end she also wanted her to Platinum Jubileealthough she did not allow either her or her nephew to participate in the events and celebrations “in the front row”, but in a secluded manner.

What is certain is that Markle has understood that it is now good that her much celebrated husband is now stay with his family of origin of which she is not a part and who does not consider her welcome. She knows it and in fact she did not show up at Elizabeth’s bedside. Only Harry went there, alone.

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