Totti breaks the silence: “I wasn’t the first to betray but I discovered Ilary by looking at her cell phone. Noemi came later”

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Francesco Totti breaks the silence. And he tells the truth about him about the end of the marriage with Ilary Blasi. “It is not true that I was the first to betray” he tells him in an interview with Corriere della Sera, which arrived after months of silence.

“I have read too many hoaxes in recent weeks, some of these have made my children suffer: that’s enough”: the former Roma captain made his debut. “I went through a difficult period, first because I stopped gambling. Then came the death of my father from Covid. And just when I needed my wife most she wasn’t there. But I also have faults, I should have devote more attention to it “.

The Totti – Blasi divorce

Totti “summons” Bernardini de Pace to the villa of Sabaudia, for a week the two have been studying the “anti Ilary” strategy

Lorenzo D’Albergo, Giuseppe Scarpa

04 September 2022



Totti denied that the end of the marriage was caused by his relationship with Noemi. “I started with her after the New Year, when our relationship no longer existed. It is true, however, that I knew her, but as a friend of her padel”.

It was by looking at Ilary’s cell phone that the captain found out about her relationship with another man. “I suffered like a dog, but I haven’t talked about it to anyone. What I can say is that there was a third person who acted as an intermediary between her and the other man: it was Alessia, her hairdresser friend of hers”.

“Francesco and Ilary Blasi separated at home for a year already”, the key testimony on which Totti’s lawyer works

Valentina Lupia


05 September 2022

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Then Totti talks about some low shots that exasperated him: “Ilary took away my collection of watches, there are also some Rolex of great value. He had me followed by a private investigator, they put bugs in my car”.

Totti-Ilary Blasi, here are the conditions for the consensual separation: a home for the children, one for her and no TV show

by Valentina Lupia

07 September 2022



“Now – concludes Totti – time that with Ilary will end up in court. Even if I still hope to be able to find an agreement”.

The article is in Italian

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