that tank top gets too high

that tank top gets too high
that tank top gets too high
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The physicist of the splendid class of ’87, Anna Tatangelo, is, as always, a scream: here she is with a tank top that rises dangerously.

She is certainly beautiful and she also knows she is. Anna Tatangelo, singer and presenter, has certainly been admired for her beauty, since the early years of her career, when she was really young. And today, many of her love her.

Anna Tatangelo (Ansa)

Today, the splendid singer is 35 years old and the physique she shows on social media is truly mind-boggling, as we saw with that costume in August that almost let out her beautiful décolleté. And of photos to admire with your mouth open, the beautiful native of Sora, she has made available to fans, certainly many, so that you can always have many followers.

Anna Tatangelo shows the usual crazy body

She, and there are those who remember it, began her career as a very young girl, winning in the ‘Young’ section of the Sanremo Festival 2002, just 15 years old. Festival, which over the years will give her a lot of satisfaction, given that in 2006 she will win the ‘Women’ category and in 2008 she will come second overall. The albums published instead are 8, with many high-level collaborations. In short, for her a career certainly of a great level.

Returning to her physical form, surgery or not that she could help, the beautiful 35-year-old is certainly in a state of grace. Even training and proper nutrition obviously help Anna to always be seen in such good shape, and in fact, in the current summer, she has shared many photos with a costume that is really in trouble.


Needless to say, even in her latest post, Tatangelo shows a respectable physique. Fans will surely be crazy about the new shots too, although this time, she covers up a little more. Long pants, but tight, which as usual shows some amazing legs, and skimpy tank top. Anna shows off some applause abs, while the tank top, thanks to her, is pulled a little on her, risking to show some shapes too many. This time the singer is careful, but her followers will surely be happy even so.

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