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The well-known presenter interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini confessed that she no longer wants to have anything to do with her old working life, explaining her reasons: “The problem is that I no longer want to do television, if I have to say so”.

Columbro he says goodbye to television for good. An absence, that of the well-known TV presenter, which has been going on for years now and which he spoke with Lorella Cuccarini, during one of the “Un caffè con” events, the YouTube format she created. Cuccarini interviewed her beloved former colleague. The former conductor of “Buona Domenica” in 2001was forced to retire from the scene due to a brain aneurysm. After his convalescence, however, the presenter returned to television, at the helm of “Let’s bet that…?”, Always alongside Lorella Cuccarini, only to retire from the stage again, but for very different reasons than the first time.

Columbro’s motivations

Marco Columbroafter leaving the television studios, he devoted himself body and soul to theateralso approaching the world of philosophy and of spirituality. A departure that he explained to his former colleague Lorella Cuccarini as follows:

For me, any role is fine, even dramatic roles. I’m not afraid to measure myself. The problem is that I no longer want to do television, if I have to say so. I want to do other things. I wrote a book that should come out at the end of the year called “The Awakening of Parsifal: Living a life in the flock as a sheep, or as a conscious being”. It comes from the meeting in the last 40 years that I have had with the various teachers of wisdom that I have had in life. The theme is awareness in every field of our existence. How to face life with awareness. For me, writing about these topics is the thing that interests me most right now. Or even open a spiritual research academy.

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It’s still:

That’s enough. This it is a page of my destiny that has closed. However, I have left a good memory in people’s hearts, I see it in the people on the street who stop me, and this makes me happy. It is not a simple thing. This thing will remain here, a page has been made for me, now there will be another.

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