Meghan Markle, Harry’s wife ‘killed’ without mercy: the drastic decision has come in these hours – the Democrat

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The Duchess of Sussex has received news that has caught the attention of all the British people but not only. The delicate story is full of details that we will now unveil together

The death of Elizabeth II it is news that arrived like a bolt from the blue. It is true that his conditions had not been optimal for some time, however there was mainly talk of motor problems. In the last few hours, however, evidently her Majesty has undergone a further worsening of his state of healthuntil the tragic announcement of his death in the late afternoon of last Thursday 8 September.

Meghan Markle (Websource)

After the beauty of seventy years then, the UK will have to welcome a new King. To cover the prestigious position within the British monarchy will, of course, be the eldest son of Elizabeth II, that is to say the now former Prince Charles. The latter has already made his first speech to the nation, stating that he will take care of the good of the people as he has always done up to now.

Britain is about to face a period of mourning in which radio and television will remember the great deeds of the one who reigned the longest of all in the history of the British monarchy. All the relatives closest to the woman went to the bedside of the late Elizabeth II, such as her children (including the new King) and her grandchildren.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex ‘killed’ like this: here is the reason

Inside the chamber where His Majesty breathed his last breath, access was granted only to his blood relatives. For this reason Meghan Markle was ‘wiped out’ by the rest of the family, as also happened to Kate Middleton. However, this is not a sign of discord, but it was only the desire to keep such a moment of pain reserved for the most intimate relatives.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Websource)

During the course of the aforementioned first speech of King Charles, the latter also issued a signal of affection for Meghan and Prince Harry. Nonetheless, a stir is the news that Markle’s husband was not expected to make the official announcement of the Queen’s death.

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In fact, Harry only arrived at Balmoral around 8:00 pm, as reported by the portal The news of his grandmother’s passing was instead issued shortly after 19:00, although at this juncture it seems unlikely that the delicate relationship between the Prince and the rest of the Royal Family centers anything on what happened.

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