“What a change, I’m too happy”

“What a change, I’m too happy”
“What a change, I’m too happy”
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Eleonora Giorgi change face. On Instagram the actress posted a photo showing a whole new look, from hair to face. “We change! And what a change! I’m too happy, ”she wrote. At 68, Eleonora seems suddenly rejuvenated. And the news was liked by the users, who covered it with “likes” and positive comments. “A little girl! Beautiful and always iconic », Clizia Incorvaia writes to her. «Beautiful, gorgeous, cheeky», comments Sandra Milo.

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Eleonora Giorgi, the facelift before the GF Vip

Eleonora Giorgi’s change began in 2019, when a few weeks after entering the house of GF Vip she had undergone a facelift, without ever denying the help of the surgeons: “I redone my face”, she said, underlining the beneficial effects of the operation: “The local health authorities should pass the facelift to those who are depressed”, his words.

The Roman actress said she could hardly bear the passing of the years: “I am horrified by decay, and not for seductive purposes … I did not hesitate when I saw myself again impressively because my face had acquired a gravity that did not ‘nothing came with my soul, I told myself that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning and see that face that wasn’t mine. So I made up my face. I kept my mouth and eyes full of wrinkles. I didn’t do it to make myself attractive, I did it because I love beauty and I can’t stand decadence », her words.


Last updated: Saturday 10 September 2022, 18:33

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