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The famous presenter Ilary Blasi returns to show herself but she is not alone at all, after the well-known former footballer Francesco Totti there is another person to hold her hand.

Ilary Blasi caught like this –

In recent times there is nothing but talk of the divorce of the well-known couple, which was announced some time ago. Since then, the spotlight has continued to focus on those directly concerned to learn about every single detail on the subject. Precisely for this reason in fact we know there are several updates that leave you completely speechless. In recent weeks, after the terrible announcement, the young presenter has exposed herself more on social media.

In fact, the woman has remained very active on every social platform on which she has a personal profile, which was hardly the case before. Despite this, however, she has never shown herself in the company of another person, except of course with those who are particularly attached to her.

Host Ilary –

If the well-known Pupone continues to attract eyes to herself precisely because of her new relationship, she instead prefers to stay on the sidelines living this dark period in solitude. Something though it seems that it has changed. So let’s see in detail what it actually is and above all who is at his side today.

The host Ilary Blasi returns hand in hand do

For those who do not know, the whole family goes to Sabaudia every year, in the villa they own, to spend the summer holidays. This year, however, the holidays took place differently, after the flight in Tanzania and a few weeks with her mother in the villa in Sabaudia, all of their daughters spent time with their dad. Cristian, Chanel and Isabel stayed with Francesco for the rest of the summer holidays.

Ilary and Isabel
Ilary and Isabel –

Even if they appear carefree and not particularly shaken by the family situation, each of them has to complete tasks. Cristian, for example, showed up at every training session of the football team he belongs to.

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Soon the school will reopen and for this very reason their holidays are over. It seems that they have now returned home with their mother. One shot in particular suggests all this. In fact, together with the well-known presenter, Isabel was hand in hand with her. To publish this simple shot was the famous presenter on her Instagram Stories

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