Ilary Blasi takes revenge: here is the ‘slap’ on Noemi Bocchi

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The beautiful showgirl Ilary Blasi makes an unexpected gesture that has the flavor of revenge towards her rival Noemi Bocchi. Here’s what she went crazy on the Web. Ilary amazed everyone.

There is no day in which there is no talk of the now former golden couple of Italy, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. The media attention towards the ex-spouses is higher than ever and that 11th July, the day on which they communicated the official separation, seems really just around the corner.

After twenty years together Ilary and Totti leave without, however, too many surprises. In fact, the rumors of crisis between the Blasi and Totti started as early as February when the magazine Dagoscopia gave the scoop of the shadow of a new love for the pupone: the beautiful Noemi Bocchi. At the time the couple denied farewell rumors, Tobtained with a dry Instagram story while Ilary with a frank interview in Verissimo’s living room of her friend Silvia Toffanin.

Ilary at the time had harshly criticized the media machine against her family guilty of having invented rumors of breaking up with her husband Totti, rumors that, however, would have turned out to be true after a few months. Following the end of the reality show hosted by Blasi “The Island of the Famous”, the presenter and the former footballer anticipated the newspapers announcing the official status of the separation.

The name Noemi Bocchi began to circulate again, as Totti’s fresh girlfriend. The two have been pinched several times by the weekly while attending the same places as evidence of a relationship that is progressing and going on well. Theirs, meanwhile, is not just a passing relationship. Totti and Noemi would be dating since last November but perhaps without the knowledge of the presenter convinced that the rumors of betrayal by Totti were false.

Totti, on the other hand, admitted to his friend Alex Nuccetelli that he would have gladly avoided divorce: Ilary was his staple. The woman, however, would gradually move away from her husband thanks to the numerous work commitments and Totti would have looked elsewhere until he found Noemi.

Ilary, after the separation, escaped from the gossip taking refuge in Tanzania and living a summer dedicated to family and aperitifs with friends. Her followers noticed how Blasi had become very social and shared more of her daily life.


Now the woman shows a different side of herself that smacks of a moral slap to her rival Noemi. Here’s what she shared with her.

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Ilary’s revenge

Ilary Blasi greeted the summer with an incredible shot. The woman is shown topless lying on the tiles of a swimming pool. Ilary covers her breasts as she looks away from the camera’s indiscreet lens.

The photo is incredibly sexy but maintains that artistic allure that the woman has accustomed her fans to. Ilary is beautiful and admirers can’t help but notice some absurd details.

Users have, in fact, found the incredible similarity with some stolen photos of Noemi and how the two are, in reality, very similar. Fans take the side of the former Mrs. Totti and enthusiastically comment on her infinite grace. They are incredulous of how Totti let slip a woman so admired and appreciated but they are convinced that Ilary will come out a winner.

Meanwhile, Blasi remains silent. The images of her, however, speak for her.

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