GF Vip, Orietta Berti attacking Belli and Delia Duran: “How do they live?”, The harsh answer

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The new columnist of the Big Brother Vip 7Orietta Berti, spoke of the two great protagonists of last season Delia Duran and Alex Belli.

The next edition of the Big Brother Vip, the seventh, is leaving next Monday 19 September. One of the most anticipated protagonists is certainly Orietta Berti, neo columnist who took the place of Adriana Volpe.

Next to her, very confirmed Sonia Bruganelli. The pair of commentators chosen by Alfonso Signorini intrigues the general public and not a little. In particular, the beloved singer debuts for the first time in this capacity.

The words of Orietta Berti

During a recent interview, Orietta Berti spoke about her next television experience, also citing the very popular last edition where, among the protagonists, there were Alex Belli and Delia Duran and their alleged triangle with Soleil Sorge. She explained the singer: “Free love has always been there. A person who has multiple partners thinks they have more appreciation. Now we live on gossip, but then how do they live? I think sometimes more is done to show off, because maybe they haven’t done anything important in their professional life ”.

The response from Alex Belli also arrived on social media, who explained: “I am waiting for Mrs. Berti at the gate in this new season. Most likely he has not yet understood what it is based on and the numbers are made in a reality show like the GF! Good luck”. Later, the actor and former gieffino, published a series of stories in which he sings the famous piece by Orietta Berti, As long as the boat goes.

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The article is in Italian

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