the reaction of Eros and Michelle is unsettling

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The eldest daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti is pregnant. Her parents confided something strong to their friends. Here’s what if mom and dad think.

The news of the pregnancy of Aurora Ramazzotti is certainly the scoop of the end of summer. The young presenter according to when reported by Who would be expecting her historical companion Goffredo Cerza.

The two have been a couple for five years and have been living together for some time in their home in Milan. The gossip about a possible pregnancy of Aurora has been going on for some time but now it seems that the news is certain.

Aurora had been immortalized buying a pregnancy test earlier this summer along with her mom Michelle. It was not clear, however, who the test was addressed to if a mother or daughter but the most informed are certain, it is Aurora. The girl, however, has not yet confirmed the good news despite this being given by the most important newspapers.

On the Eros and Michelle front there are no explicit statements but there are rumors of how the two would have taken the news and what they would have confided to their friends.

Eros and Michelle sweet parents of Aurora

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti are experiencing a golden moment despite both having recently separated from their respective companions. The two have re-established relations by becoming excellent friends so much so that the evident understanding shown on the screen made the most dreamers think that they were back to being a couple in all respects.

Eros and Michelle admit that they love each other very much and that their love has turned into something very deep and lasting. This above all for the good of Aurora, yes adult but forever their child. Who knows what they thought now that Aurora will become a mother? The presenter will be, just like Michelle, a very young mother and will be able to take advantage of the precious advice of Switzerland.

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The parents of the future mother, according to the newspaper “Chi”, would have confided in friends about the possibility of becoming grandparents. Eros and Michelle they would therefore be really excited about the happy event e they are looking forward to welcoming a new member into their extended family.

Michelle and Eros seem excited but, unfortunately, they cannot yet tell their feelings publicly and this as a sign of respect for Aurora. The girl and her partner would like to keep the secret for a while longer, so from the two of them there will only be a dry no comment.

After several hypotheses of pregnancy often promptly denied by Ramazzotti made over time, now it seems the time has come to become a mother. A young and beautiful mom.

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