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What Carmen di Pietro studied before she became famous: she revealed a background that few people knew.

Carmen Di Pietro returned to her life after spending more than three months in L’Isola dei Familia. Initially his entry was marked, as well as for other competitors, by playing in pairs. Together with her son Alessandro she landed as a mother-son. Later the rules changed and the duo broke up.

Carmen Di Pietro, studies (credits: instagram)

In Honduras we met their relationship, in particular Carmen can be defined as a mother hen, she is very attached to her son, and for some even too much. Alessandro for his part, however, tried to experience the path alone, asking the showgirl for more space. If on the one hand there is this strong control, on the other this bond also made us laugh, a sort of duo was created that conquered the public. After the end of the reality show, the former castaway returned to her life.

It has also become active again on social networks where it is followed by thousands of people. There are so many stories she shares. In recent weeks she has shown the places visited and everything she has done in these vacation spots. A few days ago, talking to her daughter about her, school topic, she told what she studied when she was very youngwhen it still did not have the popularity it has today.

Carmen Di Pietro, what she studied before her success: she told it herself

After the end of the journey in Honduras that saw her reach the end one step away from victory, Carmen di Pietro returned to her life. On the island she made herself known from another point of view. If she was first famous for her career and then for her art of hers, the reality show brought out the personal side of the actress, as for all the other castaways of her.


Side that the viewers of channel 5 liked a lot. In fact, she was among the eligible candidates for L’isola. Now that she’s back to her life of hers, she doesn’t deprive her followers of her of everything she does. There are many stories that she shares by telling the moments of her day. Even on her social networks, her nice irony is always present, and it is what those who follow her most like. Several days ago, while she was with her daughter of hers, telling about her chosen school, she revealed her school path. Do you know what he studied as a teenager?

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What he studied (credits: instgaram)

The showgirl explained that she first chose accountancy as an address and later decided to change, enrolling in the ‘master’s’ in Salerno, which she then graduated from. Carmen was very young at that time and within a few years she became a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

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