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Ilary Blasi leaves Rome and goes to live in Milan, this is where the new home will be: Totti is furious, the reaction

Ilary Blasi leaves Rome and goes to live in Milan, this is where the new home will be: Totti is furious, the reaction
Ilary Blasi leaves Rome and goes to live in Milan, this is where the new home will be: Totti is furious, the reaction
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Ilary Blasi is ready to move to Milan: after the separation from Francesco Totti, the presenter wants to start from scratch.

Ilary Blasi would be thinking of moving to Milan; after the divorce from Francesco Totti, in fact, the presenter seems to want to start again somewhere else. Apparently, however, the Pupone would be furious at the very thought. But what is going on?

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Ilary Blasi leaves Rome and goes to live in Milan

Delicate situation for Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti; now the Roman presenter is thinking of leaving Rome to change her life: the ex-wife of Pupone would like to move to Milan. But why? As we know, due to her work, the Roman presenter was often on a trip to the Milanese capital, but now she would be thinking of totally changing the air and stay there permanently. To complicate things, however, there would be the reaction of Francesco Totti: the former footballer said he was totally opposed to the transfer of Ilary Blasi. Because? Simple! The showgirl would like to take their three children with her or – at least – little Isabel.

Where will the house be?

Ilary Blasi would have spotted an apartment located right in the Vertical Forest from Milan, a very fashionable area close to all the major services of the city. The presenter would be almost a neighbor of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and she would have the opportunity to spend time with Silvia Toffanin, her great friend of hers since Word of mouth. At the moment, it seems, of all the apartments available in the luxurious district there would be one on the 24th floor: the house boasts 282 square meters, walnut paruqet and precious marbles. The new home of Francesco Totti’s ex-wife also includes a private balcony, a walk-in closet, a huge bedroom with an en suite bathroom and two extra bedrooms for guests. All accompanied by a private box. In short, really not bad!

That’s not all! The Milan apartment on which Ilary Blasi would have set her eyes also presents these services:

  • indoor gym
  • 24/7 concierge service

And if this is still not enough, there is another novelty: it seems that Blasi is so intent on moving to Milan that he would even have explored other possibilities: after the separation from Totti, in fact, if the negotiation for the apartment in Vertical Forest should not be successful, the presenter would fall back on The Residences of the Gardens.

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The reaction of Francesco Totti

Apparently Francesco Totti would not have liked Ilary Blasi’s initiative to be hosted by his friend Silvia Toffanin at all. Il Pupone knows well that, should his ex-wife show up in the study of very truethe hypothesis that the latter is talking about him and their divorce would be more real than ever. In this regard, the former footballer blurted out; but the anger of him does not concern only the alleged interview with Ilary, but rather the will of Blasi to leave Rome and move to Milan. Here’s what you read about Corriere della Sera:

If Ilary insisted on moving to Milan, perhaps with little Isabel, Francesco would oppose with all his might. He doesn’t even want to hear about it. Or if, as it is in the air, Ilary were to go and let off steam on TV with her friend Silvia Toffanin, then the consensual would become a path that is no longer viable. And we would go to court for judicial separation, which could last up to three years. The lawyer Alessandro Simeone, who assists the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi, was the right arm of Bernardini de Pace [che assiste Francesco Totti, ndr]. So the two know each other well. And this could make the cause of separation less conflictual.

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