the detail that everyone missed at Diana’s funeral

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Scandalous Queen Elizabeth. The mass media did not miss that detail at Lady Diana’s funeral. After years, the monarch is framed like this: “she screwed herself”.

Regina Elisabetta –

The sovereign of the United Kingdom leaves you speechlessit was she who behaved in this unexpected way at fan evening of the daughter-in-law Lady Diana. The detail does not escape the cameras. No one could ever have imagined such a thing.

Queen Elizabeth, spotlight on the English sovereign

There Queen Elizabeth back to being in the eye of the storm. The mother of Prince Charles, next, is said in the corridors of Buckingham Palace, to abdicate due to health problems that prevent her from carrying out her role as sovereign in a simple or acceptable way, he has the eyes of all the world on him again.

Regina Elisabetta –

On August 31, 1997, the iconic Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, diedin a terrible car accident. The sovereign and the daughter-in-law never got along particularly wellat least this is what is told in the United Kingdom and which can be read in the biographies of the official court writers.

Nevertheless, a detail has not escaped the eyes of the world and confirms the sad suppositions just mentioned. Check out a video in which the unacceptable gesture of Queen Elizabeth scandalizes the world: the sovereign “She fooled herself”.

Queen Elizabeth’s gesture shocks the world

On 31 August 1997 the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, died in a car accident with Dodi Al Fayedthe man she was having her love affair with after painful divorce from Prince Charles.

Funeral Diana
Funeral of Lady Diana –

The funeral of the iconic princess was broadcast worldwide. The poignant images of those who were able to witness, albeit through a screen, that dramatic moment are still unforgettable today.

Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana Spencer have never had a too cordial relationship. Asti, discussions and quarrels between the two prima donnas of the Royal Family have always made the world talk and yet, even on the occasion of a dramatic event like Spencer’s death, Queen Elizabeth violated a number of rules which today are so much discussed.

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However, it is in particular that attracts attention a gesture that Prince Charles’s mother made on the day of the funeral. In a movie that’s going around the world, you see the church packed with people to pay homage, for the last time, to the Princess of Wales.

In the short frame that lasts a few seconds, the doors of Westminster Abbey open to welcome the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes and her daughter, Elizabeth II. The cameras focus on the most famous monarch in the world who, on such a dramatic occasion, cross the aisle of the church with a smile on his face.

Criticism for the monarch

Many criticisms have come for the monarch. Among those who affirm that she screwed herself and who says that even on such a terrible day expressed his disappointment for his daughter-in-lawthe spotlight today is all on Queen Elizabeth.

As we said earlier, on the occasion of the funeral of Lady Diana, several were the rules that the Queen broke. For example, on the day of Lady D’s death, he silenced all the court radios and televisions to prevent disclosure of details on the death of the princess.

His smile, however, on the day of Lady Diana’s funeral remains one of the most scandalous moments in history. Difficult to forget and forgive such behavior, truly unacceptable the smile of the Queen.

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