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Did Albe and Serena break up? The time has come for them to part ways. The cantate has documented everything on social media: this is how things stand between them.

The young singer-songwriter and the dancer met and fell in love within the Amici school. Since that moment they have never separated, neither for the whole path in the talent show nor during the summer they spent together, between one engagement and another. But now it’s time for them to part ways and pursue their dreams.

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Inside the Amici school, many couples have formed who, some more and some less, are during even after the end of the show. Among the relationships that have had greater media relevance is the one between Sunrises And Serena, the first couple that was formed in the twenty-first edition. Even when the program lights went out, the two dated outside.

They spent a beautiful happy summer and in love more than ever, even though they knew right away that their paths would divide. For the singer and the dancer, in fact, the most complicated moment has come, since they have to break up with necessarily for professional reasons. The ‘painful’ moment was documented by Albe on social media.

Albe separates from Serena: the most difficult moment

Albe and Serena had known for months that the roads would part. During the Amici final, the dancer received a tempting proposal from the academy of New York for a scholarship to study and take dance lessons. But theirs is not a definitive ‘goodbye’, as Serena will only stay in the United States for as long as she has to attend the academy.


And so now the fateful moment has come greetings at the airport, which is the most difficult for a couple who have to separate for some time for work reasons. To document everything it was Albe who shared through the stories of him Instagram tender click who sees him with sunglasses hugged to Serenaready for her new New York adventure.

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During the interview in which Albe had confessed his darkest moment, the singer had revealed that he and his girlfriend would organize themselves properly when she left. He admitted that they would do like all couples who have a long-distance relationship, trying to find any time to hear and see each other, to make the distance less burdensome.

photo Source: Instagram

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