Liam is speechless, he doesn’t know how to do it

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Liam is destroyed, the boy, in prison, will think about his family now lost forever. Meanwhile Hope will try to free Thomas from the cage.

A new episode awaits the fans of Beautiful. The advances let us know that Liam is desperate, he will soon be transferred to a maximum security prison and knows that his life will change forever.

Beautiful anticipations: Liam is speechless, he doesn’t know how (web)

Meanwhile, Hope has discovered the truth, and she knows she has to run if she is to save her beloved. Vinny committed suicide it was not the Spencer who killed him.

Beautiful: Hope finds Thomas

The advances of Beautiful let us know that Hope has found Thomas and has understood that her ex has not gone on a long journey but is a prisoner. The Forrester will tell her what is discovered, which is that Vinny committed suicide and Justin has evidence of her.

hope will be able to hug liam? (web)

The boy decided to throwing himself under the Spencers’ car so as to do accuse Liam of his murder. A plan with all the trimmings And accompanied by a near-death video messageunfortunately now in the hands of the lawyer.

Logan is speechless but at the same time she won’t have to think much, she must warn Baker. Her, however, her will be a course against time because she has no proof. Justin destroyed the video and Vinny’s cell phone is in his hands.


Hope jumps over to Thomas and runs to the police

But the real twist will be about Liam. The boy is destroyed, especially after realizing that he will soon be transferred to another prison. The couple will be transferred to a maximum security prison, where he will serve his sentence as a murderer. The boy, taken by despair, alone and in his cell, he will think back to his family and what it was.

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Meanwhile, Hope manages to free Thomas and they both run to the lieutenant. Once arrived at the station, she will be told that her partner is about to be transferred and Beker will not believe a word.

The advances let us know that good news will arrive for them: athe police station, Thomas’s cell phone will arrivesent inside an anonymous envelope.

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