Elisa Isoardi, the ‘slap’ to Mara Venier and Maria De Filippi: “I’m not afraid of you”

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Elisa Isoardi ready to return to TV after two years of absence. Concern about listening numbers. She challenges two TV queens.

Elisa Isoardi began to take her first steps in the entertainment world by participating in Miss Italy. Subsequently she posed for many advertising campaigns and was also chosen for several music videos. Elisa is beautiful and Rai decides to include her among the sent of the show Guarda che luna. Shortly thereafter, the leaders of the national schedule understand that Elisa is capable of taking the reins of a program in her hands and for the first time in Italy that you go, she plays the role of the presenter. Then there are many programs that are entrusted to her even if the last time something went wrong. Since she started conducting La prova del Cuoco in 2020, there has been a drastic drop in ratings. Not because she wasn’t up to it but replacing the iconic Antonella Clerici wasn’t easy for Elisa.

Elisa is back on TV. The challenge with the two iconic presenters puts the return of the Isoardi to a severe test

Elisa after the closing of La prova del Cuoco continued to be present on TV but this time giving up the role of conductor. She participates in Dancing with the Stars, the transmission by Milly Carducci flanked by Raimondo Todaro. Subsequently, again in the same year, she is chosen as a shipwreck of the Island of the Famous. Elisa gets a resounding consensus not only from the Italian public but also the British seem to be obsessed with Elisa’s beauty. Unfortunately, due to an eye accident, Elisa is forced to return to Italy for urgent investigations.

The woman after the US experience in Honduras was certainly a guest in some broadcasts but Rai decided to propose a new challenge to Elisa. Isoardi on 11 September, at 15:00 she will debut in a new program broadcast on Rai 2 I would like to tell you. Davide Maggio on his website reports the statements that Elisa made during the presentation of her new program. The presenter says that she will try to make people express their feelings thanks to some recipes. A mix between La prova del Cuoco, which Elisa knows well, and There is mail for you. However, the program will air every Sunday. Elisa will have to compete with two conductor notes: Mara Venier with Domenica In and Maria De Filippi who will return with the weekly special of Amici. However, it seems that Elisa is not afraid of confrontation with her colleagues and is excited to start this new experience.


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