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all “fault” of Chiara Ferragni …

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Ilary Blasi finds herself in a very delicate moment in her life. After the end of the marriage with Francesco Totti with whom she spent a life, Blasi definitely needs tranquility and distraction. To surprise the presenter, she thought of nothing less than Chiara Ferragni….

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling understood, embraced and pampered by friends and relatives, especially in the most difficult moments. And Ilary Blasi is experiencing the remoteness from Francesco Totti in a probably stressful way because not only is it difficult to experience the end of a marriage, but the two as VIPs are beset by the curious outside their life.

While the lives of both the host and the player are in the spotlight, the friends and relatives of the two are committed to help them in such a delicate moment, with gestures that can give a smile and distract them from the media storm started by the official announcement of the separation and never waned.

Chiara Ferragni and the gesture for Ilary Blasi

Just like last year, also given the tremendous success achieved, Chiara Ferragni has chosen to send the kit created there for the return to school. Friends, relatives and other characters close to the digital entrepreneur received the signed school items Chiara Ferragni and, among all, also Ilary Blasi.

The conductor de The Island of the Famous she appeared enthusiastic and happy especially for her daughter, with whom she decided to shoot a video later published on Instagram in order to show the reaction to the kit of objects for the school:

Isa? Whose are these things? By Chiara Ferragni! Thanks Chiara! Thanks, wow!


Exclaimed the presenter de The Island of the Famous together with his daughter Isabelwho seemed delighted to start school with the beautiful collection signed by the most followed and loved digital entrepreneur in Italy.

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Ilary Blasi incredulous: all

A nice surprise for Ilary Blasi who in such a delicate moment had the opportunity to get distracted and rejoice with her daughter for the nice thought on the part of Chiara Ferragni.

By the way, the kit received by the daughter of Ilary Blasi And Francesco Totti it can be purchased online; the line BACK TO SCHOOL can be found both on the official website of Chiara Ferragni that on Amazon and several other online resale sites.

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