Francesca Pascale, before Paola Turci and Silvio Berlusconi there was someone even more unimaginable

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Before Paola Turci and Silvio Berlusconi there was someone unimaginable in the life of Francesca Pascale. Let’s see who it is.

The Pascale-Turci couple recently got married in a civil ceremony in the romantic town of Montalcino, and a very intimate ceremony and party.

Francesca Pascale (Source Instagram Francesca Pascale)

Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci said yes in July, with the notes of Bob Marley’s song “Is this love” as the basis for the ceremony celebrated in common. Pascale has published stories about the wedding on her Instagram profile, and the phrase “The best day of my life”.

Francesca Pascale, the comment on her past

A few weeks after the fateful Yes, however, a tile has arrived for the couple, but luckily with a happy ending. Paola Turci fell before the concert which she was supposed to hold at the San Domenico Arena in Forlì, and was taken to the hospital.

Turci and Pascale (Source Instagram Francesca Pascale)

It was the same singer a reassure the fans on his profile “I’m fine, it was a bad fall and I suffered a head injury, I’m in the hospital and I will have some for a few days. Now I’m a bit ‘rimba and I can not tell you but I will. I’m sorry for the concert in Forlì but I will do everything to recover it, if possible. I embrace you slowly“.

Very nice the dedication of Francesca on Instagram, under a photo of her with her wife. “After a sudden scare the worst is over. Great soul, I love you“. THE comments however, as we know, they are never lacking under every photo that the vips publish on their social networks. And there was no lack of even for the photo published by Pascale “Francesca must I believe you now or before when you were with Berlusconi?”, Wrote a follower.

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And those before Berlusconi who does, does not consider them? ”, Reads another comment. But Francesca did not let it go, and she wanted to respond to the provocations. “Rather than suffer from doubt, just mind your own business. I’m afraid that if you write crap, without putting your face on it, as cowards usually do, you lose the fidelity of his house ”.

Francesca Pascale has been for a long time the companion of the political leader Silvio Berlusconifrom which one is officially separated in 2020. Shortly before saying goodbye to the leader of Forza Italia, Pascale had declared to the Huffington Post: “I don’t like definitions or categories. Now I love Silvio, but if tomorrow I fell in love with a woman, what harm would it be? “. After the end of the relationship with Berlusconi, Pascale began to hang out with singer Paola Turcitwenty years her senior, until the decision of get married in 2022.

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