“Everything is going badly”, what happens to Carmen Di Pietro’s son

“Everything is going badly”, what happens to Carmen Di Pietro’s son
“Everything is going badly”, what happens to Carmen Di Pietro’s son
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Alessandro Iannoni confesses: “Everything is going badly”. Here’s what happened to Carmen di Pietro’s son.

We met Alessandro this year when he agreed to participate in the Isola dei Famosi as a couple with his mother Carmen. Di Pietro has participated in several reality shows and now she is a well-known face in the entertainment world. On the Island of the Famous, however, she has often been upset, especially for her nominations. Alessandro has always reassured his mother and they have begun to follow their path by binding to many colleagues. Unfortunately, Ilary announced the extension of the program which forced some castaways to abandon the game. The most painful greetings were undoubtedly that of Guendalina Tavassi, who could no longer stay away from her children, and Alessandro Iannoni.

Alessandro Iannoni confesses it, he is in a bad way for the former castaway

Alessandro explained to Ilary that he did not expect to stay all this time in Honduras. He could not accept the extension as he had to return to Italy and resume studying. He had to take exams in the summer season at all costs and decided to leave his mother alone in Honduras. The choice of the boy has ignited not only the public but also the web. He had already made himself appreciated for his genuine character but when he decided to give up a television experience in order to continue studying, he conquered everyone.

Alessandro continued to support his mother even though he did not deny that he wanted to detach himself from the super protective mother. As he got back on track for exams, he saw his mom make it to the final. The reunion was also wonderful and Carmen obviously wanted to know about her studies. The boy has been speaking and also on social networks he informs about how his race for the laurel wreath is progressing. Yet this time she confesses: “Everything’s going wrong”.

Alessandro posted a story telling his followers that on September 5th he will have to take an exam. Just like last time he decided to make stories that had brought him luck. Alessandro then decided to rely on a “teacher” asking him how the exam will go. Obviously the video is recorded and well known to web users and the elderly gentleman starts singing: “It will all go wrong.” “But how will everything go wrong master ?!” Alessandro jokes with his followers and then goes back to studying again.

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