Fabrizio Corona, do you know that he has a tattoo dedicated to a very famous presenter? That’s who it is

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Everything can be said except that Fabrizio Corona does not like being talked about. Who doesn’t like being over the top. Here is the latest gimmick

Fabrizio Corona (web photo)

Just look at his shirtless photos (there are many on the web) to understand that Fabrizio Corona is a great lover of body care, through physical activity. But also tattoos. And, speaking of indelible marks on the body, do you know that one of these is dedicated to one of the best known TV presenters in Italy? Here is who he is and the reasons why Corona has decided to pay this tribute.

The turbulent life of Fabrizio Corona

Former partner and director of the company “Corona’s”. Fabrizio Corona becomes famous as a luxury paparazzo. Probably the most famous in Italy, as he becomes a recurring guest on numerous television programs. But, very soon, his star falls with an endless series of legal proceedings. It all begins with the so-called “Vallettopoli” investigation.

For years married to the equally transgressive model Nina Moric. The former Croatian model, naturalized Italian, in fact, several times ended up on the front pages of tabloid newspapers. She too was involved in the “Vallettopoli” investigation, but all the money laundering charges fell in a short time.

As mentioned, Fabrizio Corona it undergoes numerous processes for crimes ranging from fraud to money laundering and other tax crimes, passing through corruption and defamation. Eventually he was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months for several ongoing crimes. He enters and leaves prison, also due to some pathologies that require specific treatments.

The tattoo dedicated to the great TV presenter

In short, everything can be said except that Fabrizio Corona does not like being talked about. Who doesn’t like being over the top. Among his many tattoos of him, therefore, he decided to dedicate one to a great television presenter, who has worked both in RAI and in Mediaset.

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The choice is probably due to the fact that even in the darkest periods experienced by the former paparazzo (and there were many), the conductor was close to him, not so much materially. How much by giving him the opportunity to provide his own version of the facts. And here it is, then, the tattoo “Maurizio my teacher”. Corona’s tattoo, in fact, is dedicated to Maurizio Costanzo. Journalist who, with his “Maurizio Costanzo Show”, anticipated the times of talk shows as we know them today.

Fabrizio Corona and the tattoo dedicated to Maurizio Costanzo (web Source)

Costanzo has been married four times in his life. Many of his loves have been women of great fame. From the journalists Lori Sammartino and Flaminia Morandi, passing through the actress Simona Izzo and the presenter Marta Flavi. Obviously, however, his best known love of him is that of him with Maria De Filippi. Another well-known face of Mediaset and also capable of being ahead of the times with her programs. But perhaps Costanzo didn’t even get a homage like that from his life companions.

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