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athlete training gets hot

athlete training gets hot
athlete training gets hot
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After a summer lived, in spite of himself, under the spotlight of the gossip, Ilary Blasi go back to the gym. There separation with her ex-husband, Francesco Tottihas shocked the whole of Italy and waiting to start the divorce proceedings, the presenter of theIsland of the Famous decides to release the tension accumulated with the first training session of the season, strictly shared on Instagram.

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“He is recovering”

After a summer spent around the world, between shots hot and rumors, for Ilary Blasi it’s time to go back to gym. And she decided to do it, in the aftermath of the alleged confidences of Francesco Totti to the friend Alex Nuccetelli in which the former Giallorossi champion returned to the attack: “If Ilary had done more I would not have moved away.” On Instagram the presenter shared photos and videos of her first training session of the season, I wrote: «He’s recovering». As a good athlete who cares about her physique, once the holidays and relaxation are over, the time has come for her to sweat again to maintain the enviable and envied physique that she has returned to exhibit on social media.

His workout

For Ilary Blasi sport is important. When she moves to Sabaudia in the summer she usually runs every day or goes for bike rides, while in the winter she goes to the gym or trains in her villa at Torrino. In the house shared for years with Francesco Totti, you will find all the tools for training and two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor. Sometimes he also does weights and a lot of stretching which is good for muscles and breathing. But, for the first workout of the new season, Ilary opted for an intense and acrobatic workout. After loosening the muscles with frontal lunges, she moved on to much more complex exercises, assuming really challenging positions: among all the vertical on the elbows, keeping herself in balance with the strength of the abdominals, an exercise that certainly did not go unnoticed by her. many followers. Finally some weights, before withdrawing exhausted, but satisfied in front of her gym mirror. On Ilary’s part there is the will to stay in shape, that in her head there is already room for one new flame?

Last updated: Thursday 1 September 2022, 19:34

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