Stefano De Martino at the Venice Film Festival without Belen?

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Stefano De Martino yesterday revealed to his fans that he was invited to Venice. After the announcement, today the charming conductor landed in the lagoon with a very elegant look. But let’s find out some more details about Stefano’s arrival in Venice.

Stefano De Martino yesterday he surprised his fans by revealing that he had received a mysterious invitation for Venice:

I went back and in the mailbox I found this, an anonymous note for me: “See you in Venice, come disguised”. To Venice. Masked. Ok!

Immediately, fans of the host realized that their favorite would be attending the 79th edition of the Film Festival.

After his announcement, today Stefano arrived in the lagoon in a very elegant black signed tuxedo Armani. The host seemed particularly enthusiastic, and captivated everyone with his beauty and charisma.

But why was De Martino invited to the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival? Let’s find out together …

Stefano De Martino: the arrival in the Lagoon

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Stefano De Martino after the long vacation with Belen Rodriguez he returned to work and as a first commitment he went to Venice to attend the Venice Film Festival.

The conductor is at the International Film and Art Exhibition as a Lexus ambassador. After entering the Lagoon and having been photographed in his wonderful tuxedo signed Armani, Stefano went to Excelsior Hotel.

Many, however, have wondered why the beautiful Belen does not paraded together to him. Probably the showgirl has other important work commitments that led her to refuse the invitation to Venice.

And what do you think of it? Do you like the look chosen by Stephen for the first day of Festival?

The article is in Italian

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