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no royal had ever done this before

no royal had ever done this before
no royal had ever done this before
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The Duchess of Cambridge got busted. Although she kept a low profile everyone recognized Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton stole Prince William’s heart when they were just two college students. After some back and forth in 2011 they got married under the eyes of the whole world. Kate has since learned to be a Duchess. There is no blue blood in her veins, but Middleton has always shown that she lives up to the title she earned when she married the future King of England. Staying in contact with Queen Elizabeth for a long time, the woman studied all the movements and behaviors that the sovereign has in public. Kate really likes Elizabeth about her that, in her will, she has decided to leave most of her jewels to her granddaughter’s wife. This is a gesture that hides a very deep meaning. It is tradition that the sovereign bequeaths her most precious objects to her to the woman she esteems most in the royal family and Elizabeth has chosen Kate and her daughter Charlotte.

Kate Middleton and the gesture that upsets her subjects. Everyone loves the Duchess of Cambridge even more

Kate Middleton was in London with her children Charlotte and Louis. Prince George was instead in the company of his father, Prince William in Scotland. The family always meets in Balmoral, the residence has always been the summer home of the monarchs. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert chose the castle to spend their summer holidays and this tradition has remained alive over the years. Elisabetta has been spending her holidays there since 1947. Kate had therefore to join her family and decided to fly in economy with her children obviously escorted.

No one had initially recognized the Duchess until she got up from her seat to retrieve the iPad for little Louis. During this gesture everyone recognized the wife of Prince William and Kate, noticed the amazement of a girl who had seen the Duchess in front of her in economy class, smiled at her. All out of respect have decided not to photograph the family even if a video appeared on Tik tok becoming viral in no time. No royal had traveled on a non-private flight before. The gesture was much appreciated, Kate appeared not as the Duchess of Cambridge but as a simple away mom with her strings. This united her even more to her people.


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