“The big step is not far away”

“The big step is not far away”
“The big step is not far away”
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Francesca Cipriani is getting married! News that shouldn’t sound completely new to those who follow the social adventures of the former television Pupa. Cipriani announced it in the form that is more official today, via social media. In a few months she will become Alessandro Rossi’s wife.

Francesca Cipriani became known to most people through the television program La Pupa e il Secchione. It was back in 2006 when Cipriani participated in the program as a “pupa” playing the part of the fake stupid in front of her colleagues and the theoretically more prepared nerds. Cipriani has a degree in political science but she preferred to devote herself to the world of entertainment. Francesca Cipriani has come to lead the show that brought her to stardom in 2021 together with Andrea Pucci. The same program brought her so much notoriety that she became a competitor in another show, the reality show Big Brother VIP.

The love between Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi was born thanks to the sharing of a great passion, that for food. After meeting for dinner thanks to a mutual friend, the two decided to share something more. Of course, at first no one would have guessed that the story would end in a marriage. Many doubts were about the age difference of the two: Rossi is in fact 7 years younger than Cipriani. After an intense year of relationship in which the two have learned to know each other, the couple is ready for the big step. Here’s how Francesca Cipriani decided to reveal it on her social networks to her public.

Francesca Cipriani: “now it’s official, I’m getting married”

The big announcement has arrived. The pupa will finally reach the altar. Francesca Cipriani will get married with Alessandro Rossi. The news is not news for those who have followed the Big Brother Vip. During the last edition of the reality show Francesca Cipriani received the marriage proposal. The official announcement of her is in the last hours, obviously via Instagram, with a photo of Cipriani and her future husband Alessandro Rossi.

The details of the marriage between Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi are not yet known. The former Pupa would like to maintain total confidentiality at least on the date. It is already known, however, that it could be a day between the end of this month and the beginning of October. Other rumors are about a wedding in December. There is less confidentiality around the menu which will certainly be based on local cuisine. Cipriani’s announcement has already aroused that warm enthusiasm that only the web knows how to invest. Among the first hearts on Instagram, those left by celebrities like Raffaella Fico did not go unnoticed.

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