“I’ll reveal the whole truth”, Loredana Lecciso comes out in the open: the relationship with Al Bano and Romina

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After Romina, Al Bano has decided to stay with Loredana Lecciso while maintaining excellent relations with his ex-wife: how does his partner live it?

A trio that has caused a lot of discussion over the years: the artistic and non-artistic love between the two singers has always been evident, then Carrisi chose to marry another woman after the deep crisis experienced with his first wife. But what is the real relationship between the three?


How many times have Al Bano and Romina seen on TV and how many Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso? Yet the latter is the current wife of Carrisi who, however, maintains excellent professional relationships with his first great love. The two singers made the world music scene dream, especially the incurable romantics who have always hoped for a happy ending between them, especially after the mysterious disappearance of their daughter. Ylenia.

From great professionals and mature people, Al Bano And Romina they have decided to pursue their private lives separately, but to continue making music together, just as they have accustomed their audience and captured the attention of the world music scene. Suffice it to say that the couple is leaving at the end of September for a tour that will touch various stages outside Italy. And where is Loredana Lecciso in all this?

Loredana Lecciso comes out in the open: the truth about the “triangle” with Al Bano and Romina

Loredana Lecciso (AnsaFoto)

Al Bano And Loredana Lecciso they have been together for 22 years now and, according to an interview with the weekly New, he also admitted that through ups and downs their relationship is alive and well and that his greatest gift, for the 50 years celebrated less than a week ago, was to find that initial balance in the couple. There have been many people who have interfered in the relationship between the two, so staying up after a long time is a great result.

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Too many insistent voices and many characters who wanted to put their mouths. On the triangle with Romina, Loredana Lecciso responds promptly: “There has never been any triangle. The truths come out for better or for worse: it’s just a matter of time and I’m a patient woman “.

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