“She is back home”, the announcement that millions of Italians were waiting for: Al Bano very happy

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Al Bano Carrisi fans were moved by the woman’s return home to the singer’s estates. Here is the news that she is making the rounds of the web.

Al Bano very happy – Bedquotidiano.it

Al Bano Carrisi he is one of the most famous Italian singers in the world who, thanks to his voice and his songs, has conquered many generations that I still recognize in him a great talent.

The man was married from 1970 to 1999 to Romina Powerknown on the set of the film In the sun and since that moment they have lived together a beautiful love story that no one thought could end.

Al Bano: back home after so many years

Thanks to their duets and films shot together, Al Bano And Romina they became the figure of perfect love but something sent their story into a tailspin which then faded after 19 years of marriage.

Al Bano Carrisi – BedQuotidiano.it

In 1993, their first child Ylenia, mysteriously disappears after a solo trip in Belize it’s at New Orleans. According to some reconstructions and testimonies, the girl jumped into the waters of the Mississippi claiming to belong to the waters.

Other versions, on the other hand, want her in the company of Alexander Masakelaa man who Ylenia he considered his guru and later suspected in the girl’s disappearance but cleared for lack of evidence.

According to Romina, the man subjugated and segregated his daughter making her enter the white trade and still today she is strongly convinced of this version while Al Bano got from the court of Toasts a certificate of presumed death of your daughter.

Al Bano: the return home after years
Al Bano Carrisi and Romina Power – LettoQuotidiano.it

The gesture of the singer is not very liked by Romina and the two for many years did not reconnect until 2013 when they began singing together again for a concert event in Fly.

In 2020 they returned with an unreleased song written by Christian Malgiogliotitled Collect The Moment presented out of competition at Sanremo Festivaleven if according to the author the song had to be in competition but the woman did not feel it.

After the wedding with Romina, since 2000 Al Bano is romantically linked to the showgirl Loredana Lecciso who has recently turned 50 and has shown herself very happy and in love with her man.

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But the woman, not yet become the new lady Carrisi, soon in the house will have a new female presence, because according to some rumors someone who has been away from Al Bano for many years is about to return under the same roof.

Together again

We are talking about Romina. It seems that the two, according to some rumors, in the last period have come closer, returning every day more to the complicity that there once was, putting aside the old discontent.

The former spouses will be playing some gigs in the coming months and it looks like Al Bano is also struggling with the song that could lead him back to the next race Sanremo Festival.

The news that is going around the web these days is just what he wants Romina return to live a Cellino San Marcoon her ex-husband’s estate and the decision was made by both of them to make it easier for them to prepare for their concerts.

Al Bano: the return home after years
Romina Power – LettoQuotidiano.it

We don’t know how he got it Loredana Leccisobut if the news turns out to be true, it means an important step for the couple as we have never had the opportunity to see an interaction between Romina and Loredana and this would also mean a truce between the two.

In addition, on the estate, they also live Jasmine And Albano Jrthe last two children of Al Bano had with the Lecciso who would find themselves living together with the mother of their brothers.

Apparently, Al Bano he would like to reunite all his loved ones, under one big family, with the hope that from one day to the next he will also be able to return Ylenia, the daughter who disappeared but never forgotten.

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