“A sudden fright …” speaks his wife Francesca Pascale

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The singer Paola Turci ended up in hospital for a head injury following a bad fall. Francesca Pascale reassures: “The worst is over”.

An absurd misfortune hit the singer Paola Turci and consequently his wife Francesca. The woman recently ended up in hospital after suffering a bad head injury following an unfortunate fall.

Unfortunately, Turci was forced to interrupt the tour around Italy and therefore skip a stage of her concerts. Paola Turci on her social channels writes about the interruption of the tour: “I’m sorry for the concert in Forlì, but I will do everything to recover it, if possible”.

Fans of the artist were shocked by this news, extremely concerned about the health of their favorite singer. But how is Paola Turci now? In this regard, his wife Francesca Pascale intervened and dedicated a sweet message to her which reassures Paola’s admirers.

Pascale, in fact, writes on the web: “After a sudden scare, the worst is over. Great soul, I love you ”. The caption is accompanied by a beautiful photo of the two of them serene by the sea and under the post Turci replies with the expression “Ti tutto”, a sign of an incredible love that grows day by day.

Paola on Facebook wanted to specify the extremes of the fall above all to cheer up the fans of the couple and his music. Paola writes: “It was a bad fall and I suffered a head injury, I’m in the hospital and I’ll have it for a few days. Now I’m a bit rhyme and I can’t tell you, but I will “.

It seems that, despite the sudden health problems caused by the fall, the artist wants to resume his “I Am” tour around Italy as soon as possible. Thanks to the support of his wife and fans, Paola Turci will get back on her feet as soon as possible, forgetting the nasty scare.

In recent times, the woman has been at the center of the gossip for the wedding with Berlusconi’s ex-girlfriend Francesca Pascale. Their love surprised many but Pascale’s help in such a difficult moment shows how deep this affection is.

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The love between Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale

The relationship between Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale has been going on for some years although the two have carried on this relationship in total confidentiality. The gossip about them has, however, always had a lot of space in the gossip newspapers without finding confirmation from the direct interested parties.

This July 2, however, Francesca and Paola have formalized their union with a fairytale wedding. The couple got married in Montalcino in Tuscany during the celebrations of gay Pride in Milan and Naples. The wedding received the applause and joy of many people and many VIPs who in turn attended the beautiful union.

Both in white and very elegant Paola and Francesca shared the crowning of their love on social networks after having lived it for a long time with great discretion.

The image of a passionate kiss on a boat during a holiday in Cilento dates back just two years ago. At the time, the photo caused a sensation and caused a great wave of curiosity towards this unlikely couple.

Yet, the two, with great class, managed to go beyond the rumors and realize their dream of love. Now they are facing new difficulties but more united than ever they will be able to overcome this misadventure.

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