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Michelle Hunziker fans got scared. Check the attack in the woods for the Swiss showgirl, here’s what happened

Among the most followed women in the entertainment world, for sure Michelle Hunziker over time it has gained a really wide popular consensus. Undoubtedly, thanks to an ability to speak to people with simplicity, irony and even with a smile always printed on his lips. So Michelle really conquered everyone, her beauty skipped one of the elements that led her to become not only a showwoman, but also a personality in fact representing a point of reference for many people.

Michelle Hunziker (web Source)

This latter aspect is witnessed precisely by what i social are a mirror of what people feel about Michelle. Just open her Instagram profile for a moment and realize how much love the followers pour on her with every post she publishes. The comments tell of a beloved girl, and that many look at with admiration. Also because, it must be said, Hunziker never loses her smile, even in moments of profound difficulty.

The last few months have certainly been complex for her, even if she has never shown it, at least through her Instagram account. There break, after years of relationship, with Tommaso Trussardi, it was a really heavy blow in Michelle’s life. Obviously it would be for anyone, especially when there is a middle family and love for children. This, of course, also drew attention to her and her life.

Michelle Hunziker, a particular ‘aggression’ in the woods

And so Michelle was also forced to face this very important media exposure, obviously due to the breakdown of her relationship. Still, Hunziker has never been found unable to exceed this very special moment. His life went on, and this on social media was the predominant aspect that ended up under everyone’s eyes.

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Michelle Hunziker (web Source)

Always a bright smile, a positive word for his fans. Although in the last few hours there has been some sort of ‘aggression‘against Michelle. But what is it about? The Swiss showgirl has published some very particular photos while she was in the mountains, and one of these portrayed her as she found herself face to face with an animal, which looks like a sort of ibex. In short, nothing serious or worrying, the Hunzikere amicably approached these animals who evidently began to play with him. All quiet.

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